Zatchel’s FB Contest

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So, there’s this Zatchel competition going on right now and the gold satchel above is at stake. It’s a long fucking shot but I wish I’ll win XD. I could almost picture it, this satchel and I, being naughty together, hahaha! And yes, this is a shameless plug. Ain’t too proud to beg 😀

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Tina Lee

Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer with an insatiable appetite for all things bright, shiny, and beautiful. She's a beauty junkie, a shopping connoisseur, a book collector, a purse addict, and a budding mom-tepreneur. Tina has a long-standing (and well-documented!) but one-sided love affair with cats. Special talents include: the ability to eat again an hour after eating, shopping at 3 different malls in 1 day, and taking a 3-hour power nap every day including weekends.

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