You Know Those FB Posts?

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*I did one of those self-serving Facebook thingies. I can’t help it.

10 Things You wish You Could Say to 10 Different People Right Now (Not Telling Who)

1. It was bad and I knew it. I’m sorry. I could have handled things better but I couldn’t. Things aren’t the same but I will make it up to you, I promise.

2. Snap out of it, sweetie. You need to cheer up yo. Let’s have a slumber party at my place, I’ll cheer you up.

3. I’m sorry he was a dick and I couldn’t do much that night, man. I tried my best though.

4. I have and will always wish for your happiness.

5. I have been half-in love with you for 7 years now, you jerk. Just so you know.

6. God, stop whining on Facebook each time you get your panty up in a twist. Seriously. Harboring sympathy online is pathetic.

7. To you, your girl, you, you, you, you and to you, thanks for being there when I needed it the most. It means a lot. I’m much better now and I have you all to thank for it.

8. You are a terrible friend as always and a fucking asshole. Don’t you dare crawl back to me when all your fake friends ditch your pretentious ass.

9. Boo-fucking-hoo.

10. Stop going to church, you miserable fuck. Alam ng Diyos ang karakas mo.

9 Things about Yourself

1. I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts and join a real ninja group.

2. I do not like new music, most of the time. I love old songs.

3. All my problems growing up till now were rooted to my volatile temper. This is the reason why I wanted to enroll in a martial arts class, to channel the anger into something useful, like beating people up.

4. I have very little patience for idiots, manipulative pricks, rude, miserable and uninteresting people.

5. If I fail to reproduce, I plan to adopt a child or two one day.

6. I hate being complimented based solely on the way I look. I think men who do that are superficial.

7. I love people who are astonishingly smart. I get to learn from them.

8. My greatest regret is that I did not take up Fine Arts to become a cartoonist, just as I planned since I was 7 because I was afraid I’d fail the entrance exam at UST.

9. I’m very blunt. People mistake this as  being rude. I’m never rude. I’m just blunt to a fault.

8 Ways to Win My Heart

1. Don’t be a dumbass. Challenge me. There is little to no chance of a second date if I get bored and I get bored easily.

2. Don’t act like you’re in a job interview, listing down all your accomplishments during our date as if I cared (It happened, yes.)

3.  I can smell fear/desperation/lameness/neediness as accurately as a jungle cat so play it cool. I see weakness and I go for the jugular, it’s how I’m wired.

4. I think the sexiest trait a man can have is confidence. Be confident but don’t overdo it. No one likes a show-off.

5. Keep your promises and I’ll keep mine.

6. Always show up on time but expect me to be late for at least 30 minutes, each and every time. It’s unfair but that’s how I roll.

7. I love guys with a very wicked/dry sense of humor.

8. Sending flowers every now and then would be nice. Don’t send me food. I’ll get fat and blame the sender.

7 Thoughts That Crossed Your Mind During The Day

1. Work

2. Shopping money

3. Should I shop now or just enjoy the bed weather at home? (Chose the latter)

6 Things you want to do/happen before you die.

1. Learn martial arts

2. Buy a house, a car, a trust fund, and a college plan for Waki

3. Explore Italy with my two best friends

4. Travel all over the world with my sister

5. Buy my own condo/house here in the city so when I retire in Tarlac, I can visit and go shopping every now and then

6. Invite all my friends from college and party like it’s 2003 a day before I actually die. (Hopefully I die in a car crash and not of cancer, can’t party when I’m bedridden)

5 Turnoffs

1. Manipulative

2. Emotionally needy

3.  Superiority complex

4. Bad hygiene

5. Being a deadbeat

4 Turn ons

1. Wicked sense of humor

2. Intelligence

3. Confidence

4. Chinoy (Love your own)

3 Smiles that describe my life.

1. :))

2. 😀

3. 😐

2 Things You Wish You Never Did

1. Got fat at such a young age and way later in life

2. Waited too long to end certain things

1 Confession

I wish to meet someone that would really sweep me off of my feet and dazzle me with his wits. For once. Where’s my Mr. Darcy?! Where is he?!

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