What Not To Do After A Break Up

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We’ve all been there. No matter how much you and your boyf try, things are just not working out and ultimately, you guys break up. It’s sad, really, but everything will be fine… eventually. Here’s a few things you should not do immediately after a break-up:

Drunk Dialing/IM-ing Another Dude

Let’s face it, you are emotionally vulnerable. You are bound to make a shitload more of mistakes if you are not careful. The last thing you need is to get wasted and reach out to people you shouldn’t. Say, a guy you’ve been pining on for years. Don’t do it. Being drunk is not an excuse to go to the dark side  and get sympathy from other dudes.

Empty The Fridge

Yes, you are brokenhearted but re-think that pint of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ice cream. You can’t be alone, miserable and fat all at the same time. Go get yourself a make-over, call all your girlfriends/boyfriends and party like it’s 1999 instead.

Waste Your Savings on Shit

Especially if you broke up a day after payday. Buying things is nice. It somehow fills the void left by your now ex. Shopping for one’s self is the best way to feel pampered. But you can show yourself some love without wrecking havoc on your bank account (this, however, does not apply to shoes. If you happen to see an amazing pair of shoes, by all means, make it yours) Just go out and have fun. As my beloved mentor once said, widen your network.

Play it Like Hugh Hefner

Nothing smells like desperation than shamelessly/drunkenly flirting with other men. Allow me to spell it out, desperation is NOT sexy. No matter how hellish the relationship has been or how low your self-esteem got after breaking up, flirting with other men just leads to all sorts of mistakes you would think twice about making when sober. You need to take care of yourself first and when you’re really ready, that’s when you start mingling with cute dudes. The thing is, it would be unfair to you and to that other person if you start doing shit so soon, especially if that other person really has a thing for you.

Punish The Rest Of The World

Yes, you’ve been true to him and now it’s over. It’s sad. So, so sad. But don’t forget, life is unfair, so get over it. There is no point hating the rest of the world for a relationship that simply ran its course. Stop whining on and on about it and blaming other people for the things you could’ve done. The thing is, there will be a lot of wonderful things waiting for you and you will get them as soon as you are ready. Those things will wait until you are done:

  • Crying a river
  • Watching Sappy RomComs
  • Emptying the fridge
  • Burning momentos
  • Drinking yourself blind

When it’s over, it feels like the world is ending. It really does. It’s like someone took the sunshine away and you feel so small and the world, so big and too dark.  But life will go on and so will you. The important thing is, you got this.

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