Vaping: Week One

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It’s been more than a week after I quit smoking.


You know, for someone whose favorite habit is to smoke, I never thought using an eCig would actually help me quit but you know what, it kinda did just that. I do have a couple of problems with it. One is the flavor thing, the one that converts into a nicotine-tainted vapor.

My flavor thing is supposed to taste like Marlboro lights but it tastes nothing like it. . I could never put my finger on the actual taste until Hannah’s mom pointed it out, having tried the eCig herself a few months ago (she wasn’t as successful), it tastes like pandan

I fucking hate pandan. I don’t even eat buko pandan because there’s pandan in it. I hate pandan as much as I hate okra and bad haircuts… but beggars can’t be choosers. So, here I am, smoking the shit out of this pandan-tasting eCig. I hate it but I smoke it. That’s commitment right there.

There’s also the fact that just like cigarettes, smoking eCig actually triggers my asthma as well. This is something I expected, knowing that vapor and lungs do not go well together. I asked the salesperson if I’m going to have problems with it, weak lungs and all but he assured me it’s not gonna happen. And as expected, it did, which means, I need to limit the amount of time I spend “vaping”.

As scheduled, I smoked the real thing last Thursday  and surprise, surprise, I didn’t finish it. It just tasted weird. I do not like smoking the eCig but I can’t exactly go back smoking the real thing because it now tastes weird. It’s like, I’m in this strange limbo, torn between what’s bad to what’s worse

It’s a first world problem if I ever saw one.

Anyhoo, I started exercising again because I heard when you quit, you’d end up getting fat and I won’t just sit here and let that happen. I might even consider enrolling in a gym if I have to. I can’t stop eating though. I don’t know if I’m just hormonal and stuff but I’ve been raiding the fridge for almost a week, eating junk leftovers from the last sleepover I had. Two nights in a row, I ate stuff at 11 in the evening, something that I never did even when I was actually fat, it’s disgusting.

Despite all the whining, I really think I can beat this thing now. For realz *fingers crossed*

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