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Weekly Wipe’s 47th Issue: Hot Monkey Sex Right Before Your Eyes, just the way “The Godfather of Consumption Junction” likes it!


Marc shares his wisdom (gained by his numerous “sexual adventures”, of course) on why it’s better to watch live shows than watching regular porn on the the 47th issue of Weekly Wipe!

The Porn Savvy Crew reviews the smokin’ hot Porn Star/AVN 2006 and 2007 Best Oral Sex Awardee, Jenna Haze! Porn at it’s best just for y’all Sick Pervs. And finally, TheWeekly Wipe’s “Grossest Thing You’ve Put in Your Mouth” Contest winner is unveiled!

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Hats Off, Lucky Bastards!


Congratulations to the fresh crop of lucky bastards who won this week’s Submissions Contests

Rock 97, Zac, Jack, Ben and Juliana won an awesome $33 GC from Consumption Junction, Steak and Cheese, FreakHole, Revenge World and Weekly, respectively! Whew!

Off to the Shop  you go, score yourselves cool schwags, porn DVD’s and racy sex toys! Your ugly mugshots are forever immortalized at our Winners’ Hall of Fame

Flabby Gyration, Temper Tantrums and Decaying Pussy. Great Stuff comin’ and it’s only Monday?


Getting a lap-dance from a pudgy waitress, your screams muffled by a couple of jumbo jugs sounds like Phil’s typical weekend at the the Titty-bar, check out Consumption Junction for the whole story!

Anna tempts the intellectual pervs to subscribes at our Porn Savvy feeds to get the hottest and latest porn site reviews (different niches, *wink *wink!) and sleazy thoughts that makes Porn Savvy so close to my little black heart.

Then, Jason ponders upon Kelly Clarkson and her infinite Ugliness on RevengeWorld! Also, Jason unveils the winner for the recently concluded “Vilest Picture of a Woman’s body part” Contest and the winning entry is so vile, so fucking despicable… that I felt compelled to show it all to you! Grotesque  and yet I can’t stop staring….

The King of The Internet tries his Royal Damnedest to ward off his Stalker


Gen will leave your brain fried as he shares a thought-provoking story of the sperms that eventually made him over at Consumption Junction.

Hey, just because Mike is untouchable, has legions of Sick Fucks throwing themselves at his feet him and has a cult following that grows bigger everyday that doesn’t mean you can harass him, yes? Let’s see if he can shake his lameass stalker off at Steak and Cheese!

To wrap things up, Dick is frustrated because there’s absolutely nothing new going on. He remedied himself by catching the latest SickSite Radio episode about Marc and his rendezvous with a hot babe… Viva!

Sick Site Radio’s resident crazyass DJ Shawn Wasson, makes his Editorial debut on The Wipe!


Shawn mulls over how absolutely gratifying his life has become after bagging the role as the demented fuck who keeps Sick Site Radio up and running. Check out The Wipe’s 48th issue and find out what Sick Site Radio has in-store for you pervs on the Month of April!

The Sleazy Porn Savvy crew gets awestruck as they review Monster Movie Pass. What can I say? Only the best for our Loyal Pornophiles’ Satisfaction!

SickSite Radio Episode 27 is on! Mike brings in the disturbance on another side-splitting Chaos Calls


Shawn and Dick counts down the Best Female Performances on the Sick Site Radio’s First Annual Cummie Awards!

Paranoia- Inducing Chaos Calls is back with Mike of Steak and! This time, causing distress to a funeral home!

And to wrap the whole crazy episode up, does 1,001 cocks in 24 hours sound impossible? Shawn chats up with Fluff Girl  Erin Daye who’s all set to break the GangBang World Record on May 17th!

Well, her determination is eerr… impressive!

Toasted nuts, Phone-sex and a Talking cat… Hell, it’s good to be back!


Seems like Consumption Junction’s Gen knows exactly how to have fun while he’s drunk and high. Indeed, Gen shouldn’t be left alone with a razor and an eyebrow pencil

Mike makes his hatred for Jews known while out of boredom, Dick shares the same sentiments (yes, he hates Jews too so bombard him with hate mails already!)

Guess I’m not the only one who had a crummy Easter, eh? Thank God for Porn Pimps…Mmmm… Smut…

Porn Savvy went Hollywood over Celebrities’ Pit Fur


Anna shares her absolute disgust with women who are on the fuzzy side or in the case of Tyra Banks…

Totally went French and ditched her razor altogether.  Wow. Perhaps, she needed the extra fur to melt away the cellulites on her legs, huh?

Jason on the other hand, claims to have allergic reaction to monstrous booger- plagued critters also known as  kids. Scope out Revenge World, why dontcha?!

Mike found the perfect site for horny pervs out there, check out Steak and Cheese and you’re one step ahead on scoring a hot piece of ass!

Tina Lee-Almazar | Tinaciouslee

Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer and editor based in the Philippines. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Centro Escolar University in Manila. She started out as a production associate at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network in 2004 before transitioning to creative writing in 2006. Her years of experience as a writer resulted in having considerable knowledge in a variety of writing fields. When she’s not surrounding herself with pretty things or discussing herself in the third person, Tina watches funny cat videos all day.

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