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All Hail the Winners!


Congratulations to the sick fucks who won this week’s Best Submissions contest!

Jason Merell, Amanda Childers, Lee Przybylowicz and Jack proved sickness makes the dough roll in as each one wins a juicy GC from Consumption Junction, Steak and Cheese, Revenge World and, respectively!

Not only did we honor your excellence at our Winners’ Hall of Fame, You guys each won a crisp $33 Gift Certificate! Score awesome schwags, porn DVD or naughty sex toys at the!

Fame and fortune awaits! Keep submitting cool shit and you just might be the next winner!

Phil and his Patriotic Pep-Talk


Dick is eager to find out the real cause of Anna Nicole’s Death as her autopsy results is about to be revealed. Apparently, sheer dumbness wasn’t the culprit.

Phil gives his two cents on why Consumption Junction is the best place to tackle issues like freedom and war on Iraq. Then, Anna gets mesmerized by a book written by Moon Unit Zappa

Yes Folks, the Pimped-up Sick Site Network Forums are FINALLY UP!


The Sick Site Network Forums  just got bigger and better! We don’t look like it but we had your convenience in mind and for that here’s what’s up with the pimped-up Sick Site Forums:

One Log-On works from all sites, which makes it possible to not only visit other forum from Sick Site Network but also hop from one kick ass forum to the next!

New Server with More RAM means faster, new centralized structure that brings more and more people!

It’s more active but managing is very easy. And since the sick fucks who runs this whole thing loves you guys so much, watch out for more upgrades and customization options to come!

“The King of the Internet” is back with a Vengeance


Mike “The King of Internet” is back in fighting form after battling an excruciating pain on his shoulder over the weekend. Scope out Steak and Cheese to read the gritty details.

Jason is off on a jury duty today but not without sharing his favorite revenge tactics at  Revenge first! And to wrap things up, Dick was disappointed over the un-exciting reason why Anna Nicole dropped dead one fine day at Seminole Rock hard Hotel.

Yeah… drugs, acrid sweating and a pus-filled boil up her ass sure sounds like a bad combination.

SnC’s “Golden Shower” makes a Comeback!


SnC’s “The Golden Shower” is back as Mike gives a demented bitch her 5-minutes of fame.

Anna passes herself off as an amateur while out hunting for hermaphrodites at Did she found any? Well then you just have to scope out Porn to find out!

Finally,  Dick pay homage to his favorite pornsite,

Hey, Sick Fucks! Subscribe to Our Feeds and Score Updates oozing with Nasty Goodness!


Andrew, The Crippled Canadian/Sucky-Second Placer/Lovable-Loser, fills in for his then- rival, Jeremy on Consumption Junction. Oh the Irony!

Jason is desperately trying to weasel his way out of jury duty and got a few pointers on how to do just that at Revenge!

Finally, Mike teaches his fans on how to subscribe to the SnC feeds to score the latest editorials from Mike. Which applies as well to the rest of the rampaging God-forsaken Sick Sites, for that matter.

Subscribing is easy:

Exhibit A

You have many various options of web-based news readers, pick your option of choice, subscribe and you’re good to go!

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