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New and Improved Freak!


Remember when I told you sick fucks that Freak is about to get a face lift? Yeah? Well, hold onto your panties because the New and Improved Freak Hole interface is finally unveiled! It’s now so user-friendly, even a retard can navigate through it’s streamlined page without any trouble at all!

Feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

Jason of Revenge World lends a helping hand for all the lame fucks out there by making it easy to find the perfect fuck-buddy while Porn Savvy’s Anna gives you your money’s worth as she reviews Money!

Attention Sick Bastards the 44th issue of Weekly Wipe is out!


Anna of Porn Savvy serves a healthy dose of angst as our Weekly Wipe’s featured editorial writer. She shares her secrets why she always feels “inspired into a higher level of flatulence ” whenever she takes a dump every morning!

Can’t get enough of Weekly Wipe? Check out WW’s archive and SUBSCRIBE while you’re at it! It’s easy and it’s free! What’s not to like? If that’s not enough, remember that you can unsubscribe anytime you feel cranky!

Another contest for you, fuckers! Rise up to Mike’s challenge and send in your craziest fan signs over at Steak and and win a $33 Gift Certificate! So get crackin’ and win awesome prizes!

CJ: 13th Most Visited Site in Belize? (Hell, Yeah!)


Weekly Wipe congratulates Gene Cinnamons! His rockin’ 80’s pic scored him a juicy $33 Gift Certificate! Not only does cool schwags, nasty porn DVD’s and sex toys awaits you at, your winning entry is also honored at our Submitters’ Hall of Fame!

Now guys, remember there is still one gift certificate up for grabs! Send in  your most horrendous/creative 80′ themed pictures because fame and fortune awaits the winner!

For this day’s sick offering, Phil is tickled-pink when he discovers that  Consumption Junction  is the 13th most visited site in Belize. Freak Hole’s Dick pays homage to Firefox  while Anna rants about Bradgelina and her set of whining, puking babies at Porn Savvy

Kicking a telemarketer’s ass on Episode 25th of Sick Site Radio


Getting tired of Telemarketers’ clogging the SickSiteRadio Hotline, Shawn Wasson shows no mercy and gives ’em a taste of their own medicine on the 25th episode of Sick Site Radio!

Then hitmen, courtroom hi-jinx and mace attacks from Shawn’s inbox  and the hottie from Sicksite Radio’s 10th episode  returns triumphantly!

Time for a Cock Upgrade


Mike comes back after a series of M.R.I tests and shares the harrowing details at Steak and Cheese.

Dick, a true advocate of large cocks, gives his two cents on how to successfully reach that twat-slammers’ eerr… full potential at Freak  while Anna  introduces us to a younger and hotter Paris over at Porn Savvy!

Jason fucks himself shitless


Consumption Junction’s Phil shows a bit of marching madness spirit as he pits cheerleading squads of each team head to head to find out which superficial team wins.

Dick harps on about a girl who won’t sleep with him at Freak Now that’s tragic. I suggest you get yourself a neat sex toy just like Jason did. Flesh lights.

Yep that’s right, Jason tried one out  and I think he may be in love.

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