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Consumption Congratulates Our Submissions Contest Winner!


Brittany Love stands victorious as Consumption’s Submissions Contest Winner for this week!

Not only did we honor your insolence… err… excellence at our Winners’ Hall of Fame, You also won a crisp $33 Gift Certificate! Now off you go to score awesome schwags, porn DVD and naughty sex toys at the!

Fame and fortune awaits! Keep submitting cool shit and you just might be the next winner!

Jihad Mickey Mouse and his AK-47 at Consumption!


An infidel masquerading as Mickey Mouse is teaching kids in Palestine on how to properly raise hell among it’s enemy. Talk about starting ’em young. Check out Jihad Mickey at Consumption! By the way, Consumption Junction has a new female staffer, her name is Meg and she’s awesome! Check out her blurbs on her Life as a Toilet

Funny Signs from a restaurant called Casa D’Ice. Looks like Jason really do have a reason to visit Pennsylvania. Scope out Revenge and see which signs are Jason’s favoriteAnna can see right through the metro-sexual charade and is convinced that Ryan Seacrest is as gay as the day is schlong err… long.

Ryan should just embrace fag-hood  and needs to learn a thing or two at George Michael’s graceful transition from a sexy bon-bon shakin’ 80’s pop sensation to a perpetually drugged/drunk/high cock-lover. Skimpy satin Skivvies, sex shame and George Michael in Daisy Dukes circa 1980 at Porn!

Anna of Porn Savvy Celebrates Her Birthday with Cat Litter for a Cake


Gen dishes out some misadventures from his own summer camp experience that ultimately shapes the man he is today! It’s double-post Monday at Consumption

Dick, with his ardent love for Mac may be in-love and he demands information. The girl from Mac’s “Genius” ad caught Dick’s fancy and somehow convinced himself that she is the love of his life. Check out give the poor guy some info while you’re there, will ya?

Anna spends her birthday and found time to bake a cake… it’s from Kitty Litter Confection and just like the name implies, the cake looks absolutely a lot like catshit on a sandy, schmelly tray. Those tootsie rolls made all the difference. Check out Porn! She’s one helluva ball of energy, ain’t she? Happy Beer-Day, Anna!!!

Jason’s Top 5 Favorite Comical Tales of Vengeance, Cinema-Style at Revenge!


According to Meg, The key to being a bonafide legend is to have some serious talent in  knowing when is the right time to die. James Dean, Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain… Anna Nicole Smith, the list goes on! Check out Meg’s interesting brain fart at Consumption!

Your good buddy Dick will help you score a hot piece of ass! That’s right folks, come on over at and see how you can find the perfect fling for you!

We got Jason sharing his Top 5 Favorite Comical Tales of Vengeance, Cinema Style on Revenge!  Man, those vids definitely brings a  lot of memories… vengeful memories.

Mike Shows The Way on How to Score a Hot Piece of Ass


First off, we got Dave of Consumption Junction and his burning desire to immortalize his cock that he believes,  would amount to some sort of a legacy. Dave and his bronze phallus at Consumption!

Now on to scoring some ass, shall we? Mike has another site perfect for anyone craving for quick rendezvous… and by that I meant you, sick fuck. Check out Steak and and know how to get your hands on random online whores!

But if you have an appetite for the exotic, check out cute Czech chicks at Porn!  Cute Girls with cute toys, perfection!

Dick and His Irrational Fear of The Retards


Okay folks, your needs are waaaay  too important to us that’s why Consumption Junction and Revenge will help you fucks get your daily dose of smut from the best porn sites there is! So go on and take your pick!

From hot nekkid vids and pics just like this redhead stunner right here…

To some with a more adventurous taste

… hot right? Told ya. Also, Turns out Dick has an irrational fear of the retards… Well. I can surely relate to that.  I have an irrational fear of orangutans dressed up in gay pink polka-dotted cat suit while eating a live human baby so imagine my horror when I read that Dick was stuck sitting right smack in the middle of two retards for three full hours… oh the horror!

Weekly Wipe Issue 55: What does Technology has in-store for The Sick Fucks Out There?


All the advancement in technology raises a lot ofpossibilities! This thought didn’t escape Shawn’s depraved/horny/wild imagination as he wonders what the future has in-store for all the horny pervs out there just like him! Shawn’s wishful thinking on the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Cute School Uniforms, Unshaven Pussies and Endless Appreciative Wailings… it must be Japanese Porn! The Porn Savvy Crew reviews JAVHQ and agreed that it is a “veritable bento box of porn delights”!  Another Horny Fuck’s delight coming right up on 55th issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Also, after you check out the wonderfulness of Weekly Wipe’s latest issue, you might want to scope out Porn! Anna is in full fighting form ready to scratch somebody’s eyes off their sockets… hypothetically. Which means it’s time for another contest, right? That’s right! If you, say, had your bright idea stolen by some brokeass slacker, what would you do? Hypothetically, of course! Send ’em to Anna and you might just score a crisp $33 GC! Mmm…I smell blood…

Congratulations to the fresh crop of lucky bastards who won this week’s Submissions Contests!


Skuald, DEXTA, and Thom won an awesome $33 GC from Consumption Junction, Steak and Cheese, and, respectively!

Off to the SickSiteShop  you go, score yourselves cool schwags, porn DVD’s and racy sex toys! Of Course, your ugly mugshots are forever immortalized at our Winners’ Hall of Fame

So keep submitting cool shit and Be our Next Winner! Fame and Fortune awaits!

Listen Up, We Need Feedback to Improve Forums!


That’s right folks, Remember the time Marc busted his ass by trying to unify the whole SickSiteNetwork Forums? Well, now that everything is up and running, I know you have a lot to say about the new and improved SickSiteNetwork Forums. So now’s your chance!

Our good friend FreakShow  put up a thread so you guys can clue us in on how to further improve our forums! Don’t be shy now, check out this link and say what’s on your mind… suggestions, reactions, whatever the hell you think is wrong with the forums or why you think the forums are dead as a doornail (which I keep reading every goddamned time) It’s your call and we assure that we will take these suggestions to heart.

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Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer and editor based in the Philippines. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Centro Escolar University in Manila. She started out as a production associate at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network in 2004 before transitioning to creative writing in 2006. Her years of experience as a writer resulted in having considerable knowledge in a variety of writing fields. When she’s not surrounding herself with pretty things or discussing herself in the third person, Tina watches funny cat videos all day.

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