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Congratulations, Sick Fucks!


Consumption Junction and would like to congratulate Jack Butler and Pockets! They are this week’s Submissions’ Contest Winners!

Because great shit deserves a great prize, they can go over to and grab awesome shwags, cool porn dvd’s, or excellentsex toys because each of these guys won a crisp $33 Gift Certificate!

Of course, we have honored their sick submissions at Our Submitters’ Hall of Fame!

Fame and fortune awaits! Keep submitting cool shit and you just might be the next winner!

Mike and His Little Trouble Down Below


Having opposable thumbs aren’t the only thing that makes us unique in the Animal Kingdom, but also our year-round horniness according to Virgil! Scope out another serving of thought-provoking brain fart at Consumption Junction!

Mike nicks his nuts and got loads of fan mail for it… imagine that. Check out Steak and and read what his sympathetic minions have to say about his little trouble down below.

Jason (who hates red-necks) throws a hissy fit and rants over an incident with a random trucker at Revenge!

Anna is in a cunting mood and tries her hand at Origami, with fabulous/disturbing results! Anna can do no wrong! Rude bits and pieces at Porn!

The Best Live Chat Porn Site at Consumption


Reggie gives you the Best Live Chat Porn Site! Come on over at Consumption Junction and find out which site has Reggie’s Seal of Approval!

Jason’s truck got stolen and with it comes a hilarious tale on how he got it back! Check Out Revenge!

Butt-Cracks. It’s taking Hollywood by storm and Anna shares her disdain on the growing number of celebrities exposing their ass-cleavage. Lotsa Celebrity Booties at Porn, check it out! Michelle Heaton’s Sexy Time… Mama Mia!

Mike Hits Some Raw (French) Nerves… again


Lots of pissed trash-talking French  fans and a handful of SnC minions who kinda agrees with whatever he has to say. Mike’s article about whiny French workers got mixed reaction from SnC fans. Oh, the drama!

Dick spent hours tinkering a friend’s computer and was not very successful.  Windows Vista may have won that battle but Dick vows to win the war and rip the bitch into pieces on round two.

Hell, who am I kidding?! I’m sure you’d rather wank yourself sore with Porn Pimp’s latest collection of porn vids, hahaha!

Porn, Porn and More Porn!


Oh yeah, That’s right! We’ve got incredible sites that will keep you spankin’ that monkey all day… did I mentioned that it’s free? No? It’s free, Free I tell you!

But first, Mike clues you in on how to download full-length porn vids in the highest format there is (including High Definition Vids) from all niches and even burn them straight to your DVD! How cool is that? Check out Steak and and see how you can get your filthy hands on it!

As soon as I read “famous toon, fucking” I got intrigued. Check out the best site for hentai porn at!

Jason is raving about Simple Free Porn, a site where you can get a hold of  lotsa smut and don’t have to shell out a dime for it! Sweet deal, right?

Anna has a surprise for the newbies! Finally, as Anna puts it, a porn site that “Understand the Complexities of Porn Selection”  Now, get lubed and start rubbing one out!

Q and A from Mike of SnC, Lisa Sparxxx and Marc talks about about GangBangs and an officer gets high on the 31st episode of SickSite Radio!


From random garbled warbling to ass-thunders, Shawn got loads of phone calls from the SSR Hotline!

Then, Q and A with Mike. Yep, Mike of Steak and joins Shawn for a little chitchat… about his shoulder, being addicted to Vicodin, racism and eerr…. stinky dicks and sticking fingers up someone’s ass.

Next, Marc of Consumption joins in together with Lisa Sparxxx, the present record holder for The Largest GangBang in the World(record is 919 men. Whoa.) as she talks about joining Erin Daye and breaking the World Record.

Weekly Wipe’ 54th Issue Presents: The Biggest Pussy in America!


Hey folks, guess what? The 54th issue of Weekly Wipe is out! In this issue we have Marc ranting about a particular hate-mail and if it sounds familiar then it’s because Marc “felt” that the sick fucks in all of us should learn a thing or two about Sick Site His-tory 101 (it means the editorial is a re-run, get over it). So once again, let us refresh our memories and look back as I present to you, The Biggest Pussy in America!

Horny Doctors and more than willing patients, The Porn Savvy crew reviews Doctor Adventures! I’m pretty sure this is one visit to the doctor you sick pervs don’t wanna miss! Check out another awesome issue of The Weekly Wipe!

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