Sick Site News: 2007- 2008 Post 15

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To Cut or Not to Cut? Dick’s Mane Dilemma


Meg pays tribute to her old man because it’s Father’s Day, bitches. But I’m pretty sure you fucks already knew that by now. Check out Meg’s incestuous dad at Consumption!

Dick is torn between cutting his long hair short or to just leave the damned thing alone. So now, he wants to know what his fans thinks. Once again, I can relate to this because I had my hair butchered yesterday, for real. Dick, if your reading this, never say “Surprise me” to the wretched fag who’s gonna cut your long locks. God, I hate that fag.

The Olsen Twins’ Coming of Age


Awkward Southern Reunion DP (double post, genius.) from Gen. So hang on to your g-strings and read another of Gen’s misadventure at Consumption

Bob Barker has finally lost it and Rosie O’Donnell is a “fat disgusting waste of human skin” the word according to Mike (but you already know that, I’m sure.) Check out Steak and for the rest of the story.

Why is it news that the Olsen twins turned 21? Seriously, what’s there to celebrate? Not uless they get some decent tits like the pic above then I’d understand. Anna feels the same way. Scope out the Olsen Twins’ “coming of age” at Porn

How a Bachelor Party Should Be


The only way to make a bachelor’s party rock is by calling up random chicks and having them perform the mandatory stripping, boobs-slapping and satisfying the groom’s err… needs. Exhibit A:

Bet you liked that, hmm? Then check out Consumption and Reggie will clue you in on where to find another awesome adult dating site there is!

It’s trouble in the shitter forJason! Scope out Jason’s reverse-fart at Revenge

… And Dick is tickled-pink when a douche bag of a prosecutor get disbarred over his “poor” performance for the Duke Rape Scandal. Read the rest of the story at!

Check out your “Homo-scope” at Porn


Phil and his Skin Top 5 List, only this time, chicks on the list has yet to skank it up. Caught your attention, yeah? Check out some under aged chicks at Consumption!

Fan mails and more fan mails. See them all at Steak and!

Anna does the fag community a favor by giving them their horoscope reading for the day! Just what every rainbow lovin’ cock sucking butt-pirate needs! Find out what the stars has in-store for you by “following the ray” at Porn!

Stop Wasting Money On Porn! Jason Shows Quality Porn Sites at Revenge


“Shit holes, the sounds of smoking crack and bruises that you can’t explain” as written by Meg. Check out another thought-provoking brain fart at Consumption!

Who wants a free shirt? It’s easy, just send Mike pics of yourself supporting SnC in creative ways you can come up with and you just might win a Steak and shirt!

And to wrap the whole shit up, Jason says stop wasting money on porn and get it free… where, you ask? Then better check out Revenge and find out where you can get your filthy hands on free smut… Mmmmm… smuuuuut….

Weekly Wipe Issue 59 is out! The Craftiest Blackhead Jason has Ever Known


Weekly Wipe Issue 59 is out! It’s never a good idea topop your zits but if it turned gargantuan in size and it just begs to be squeezed the do what Jason did! We got Jason de-clogging his pores as our featured editorial writer for this week’s issue of The Weekly Wipe!

For our Review of the Week, the Porn Savvy crew bring you lotsa pretty young things from Teenrotica ! Excited much? Yes, we brought plenty o’ young meat for you pervs to chew on, so check out our latest issue of The Weekly Wipe now!

Sick Site Radio Episode 35 is on! Crazy Hotline Calls, Teenage Sluts, Race Riots and The Amazing Tale of Mr. Hands


Well hello there! Great news, Sick Site Radio Episode 35 is on! This time, Shawn shares another batch of hilarious phone calls from the sick fucks who keeps drunk-calling the SSR Hotline!

Then, Slutty Teenagers (how else do you want teenagers to be, right?) Awesome Race Riots and also, make sure to check out The Amazing Tale of Mr. Hands on the 35th Sick Site Radio show! Enjoy!

Congratulations to this week’s Submissions Contest Winners!


Steak and Cheese and would like to congratulate Zippy and Paul Harris, respcetively! They are our Submission Contest winners for this week!

Because great shit deserves a great prize, they can go over to and grab awesome shwags, cool porn DVDs, or excellent sex toys because each of these guys won a crisp $33 Gift Certificate! Of course, we have honored their sick submissions at Our Submitters’ Hall of Fame!

Fame and fortune awaits! Keep submitting cool shit and you just might be the next winner!

Great news folks! The Sick Site Shop gives you the chance to avail any product with 10% slashed off it’s original price!


Does a 10% discount on any product from The Sick Site Shop sounds absolutely awesome? You bet it is! The good folks at The SickSite Shop give you the chance to avail all the t-shirts, porn DVDs and sex toys you have been eyeing on with 10% slashed off it’s original price!

To take advantage of this awesome offer, all you have to do is to simply choose the product of your choice and punch in the discount code VS63654 right after you checkout, that’s it! Better hurry because this promo runs only until July 15, 2007!

Check out Meg and Her Coke-Snorting Room Mate at Consumption


Meg, who has the habit of being in every weird situation known to man, is at it again, this time she shares her unfortunate experience with a creepy, coke-snorting rapper-wannabe room-mate named Qualleeb. Scope out Consumption for the rest of the story.

Dick cries murder-suicide in the heels of Chis Benoit’s death. Never liked wrestling but may Chris, his wife Nancy and especially his kid,Daniel, rest in peace. Check out and see the story.

Jason talks about his smut-snooping friend and the guy’s freaky, sex-toy junkie girlfriend. Check out Revenge for that!

Consumption now in V8 BETA!


You guys are in for a treat! This momentous day, we are launching Consumption in V8 BETA! That’s right, die-hard CJ fans! Consumption just got bigger and better!

— Thanks to CJ’s New Navigation Page, it has the ability to filter shit by content type and by category and also can be navigated by tags!

The New CJ HomePage

— You can leave comments on contents, discuss the contents in the forums, and rate the content much like the old CJ but this time, you can also comment/rate/navigate by authors on all Editorials!

Pics Section of CJ

— Similar content listed under every piece of content going back all the way in the chronological list.

— It also has Advance Search Functionality and you can add content to your vault. Also, new tag board where people can throw up anything they want on the top right corner of the new homepage.

Video Section of CJ

But you know the greatest part of these changes? Remember the deplorable times when you have to wait a full day for Consumption Junction to update all of it’s content? Well, you won’t have to wait for long to get your hands around nekkid chick pics, sick vids, porn clips or whatever it is you go to CJ for because the new CJ will be constantly updating! Imagine, fresh sick shit every time, anytime! Oh, did I mention these changes also enables us to give you extremely fast load times?

But all these wonderfulness would be in vain if we don’t hear what the fans have to say! Don’t think the folks behind CJ doesn’t give a flying fuck on whatever it is you want to say! We would love to hear from you so give us your feedback! Tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what’s not working right on the New CJ! Comments,suggestions, rants and violent reactions are all welcome and we will try our best to address every problem you encounter on the New CJ!

Cunt farting and Updates on Mike’s Deck Situation


Gen and his ex-girlfriend’s strange cunt-farting. Get this, she can open-fire at will. Well. If I’m not really, really grossed out I’d be impressed. Check out weird fetishes at Consumption

Mike, still foaming in the mouth and spitting rage over Deaville Construction, because of their horrible handy job that left his decks in ruins. Scope out the deck updates at Steak and

Dick’s “prediction” that Chris Benoit was a fucked-up homicidal maniac because he offed himself after he snuffed his wife and son, turns out to be right on the money. Well, congratulations with that. Read the rest of the story at

Beware The Sign of The Speeding Pinkies as Weekly Wipe hits The Big 60!


Weekly wipe Hits the Big 60! For Weekly Wipe’s 60th offering, it’s all about endowment! Dick, as our Featured Editorial Writer talks about a below-the-belt anti-speeding ad in Australia. As Dick puts it, In Australia, you speed, your cock is small… sure, blame the penis for over-speeding, that makes sense. Check out the the full story on the latest Issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Ladies, this one’s for you! How about I throw a nice massive black cock into the mix? Here’s a fella who has absolutely no trouble showing off his goods, Lex Steele! The “Most Renowned Interracial PornStar” is feaured as Weekly Wipe’s Reviewof The Week! So check out the 60th issue of The Weekly Wipe now!

Check Out Phil’s Announcement on the New CJ V8 BETA!


Holla, sick fucks! How’d ya likethe new CJ? Well if some of you guys are still in the dark about the recent changes the good folks behind Consumption made, you might want to save the wanking for later and let Phil fill you in on what you’re missing at Consumption! And remember to let us know what you think about the New CJ, alright?

… If limber cock-sucking women rocks your boat, then better head straight at Porn! Well they say a picture paints a thousand words so I’ll let this pic:

… do the talking! Happy Weekend, sick bastards!

Jason Brings Some Asian Humor at Revenge


Dick and his friend’s urgent need to get his hands on some sloppy smut. Scope out and see where you too can score another cum-filled, wank-worthy porn site!

How about we start our day with some Asian Humor? Yep, thanks to Porn Savvy’s resident smut connoisseur Anna, Jason gives us a helping of funny Asian pics. Now I felt compelled to share a few pics that cracks me up everytime!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Check out more at Revenge!

SSR Rocks Dick’s iPhone at!


Virgil is left pondering about the wonderful world of circumcision that was brought on by a scar on his very own “happy place” Check out the full story at Consumption!

Dick says believe the hype as he got himself a nifty new iPhone…. lucky bastard. Scope out and find out what keep his iPhone rockin’ at the moment.

The Spice Girls decides to give Girl Pow-ah another chance and Anna is shedding tears of joy… or not. Take a great whiff of estrogen as you check out The Spice Girls at Porn

The SickSite Radio Blog is up! Check out the vid interview of Bethany Luv, getting her freak on for the 36th SickSite Radio episode!


Awesome! The SickSite Radio Blog has been launched! On the 36th episode of SickSite Radio, Shawn gives you another batch of crazy calls from the fans (including Porter House,Mike and Dick checking in on the hotline)

Then, shitty Flight Tales, Springer Moments but what you really, really wanna check out is the highlight of this week’s episode, Shawn gives you a video (yes, a video) of Bethany Luv’s interview! Okay, fuck the interview, just watch her lounging around in red lingerie, then she strips down and shoves a glass dildo up her ass. Wha…? Isn’t that how all interviews goes? I kid, I kid.

So get lubed and enjoy the latest Sick Site Radio episode !

American Pride, Butt-plugs and Puking Your Guts out, Happy Fourth of July Sick Fucks!


It’s the 4th of July and Phil gives a rather well-researched list of reasons for sick fucks around the world to celebrate this day. Check out the American Pride ’07 at Consumption!

Dick and his soul-crushing disappointment over the SickSite Shop’s refusal to create a butt-plug in his own likeness. Well uh, that’s… I mean… Never mind. Is it just me or things just keep getting stranger and stranger at

Anna caught the flu bug and spent the weekend puking her guts out and shit like that. Wow, sounds like my typical Friday Night! Zing! Check out Porn for that!

Vote for Your Favorite Shirt Design Idea!


Okay first off, We got a lot of interesting entries both from submissions and from the people who participated in the CJ and SnC forums so thanks to every sick fucks who joined in the Design-a-Tee contest! You guys rock!

We narrowed down the best entries to 5 and we are giving everyone the chance to vote for your favorite graphic/text design! The poll will close on July 12, 2007, so you have a lot of time to choose the winner! The winning entry will receive a $50 worth of Gift Certificate they can use to avail awesome products from the SickSite Shop and will be given full credit for his/her winning entry! Click Here to Vote! Good luck to the finalists!

This Week on The Weekly Wipe, The Simpsons Jumps The Shark


Hey, The Weekly Wipe Issue 61 is out! We got Shawn as our featured Editorial writer on the latest issue of the Weekly Wipe , giving his two cents on the promotional stunts pulled for the upcoming The Simpsons Movie.

You get both Quality and Quantity, awesome shit tailor-made to suit your tastes . Vast collections of porn DVD, featured contents ranges from DP, cumshots to famous Porn Stars indexed alphabetically… Wow, I keep hearing good things from the Porn Savvy crew! Lemme tell you, if Movie Room, our Featured Review for this Week, doesn’t get you off, I don’t know what will. Check out the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe now!

Meg and her ticket to fame at Consumption!


Sex Tapes and Peeping Toms, now you know what turns Meg on. Check out Consumption Junction as Meg shares how she’s lovin’ the attention she got for the sex tapes she made. She’s counting on the support of all the perverted fans of CJ for her one shot at stardom, so you guys know what that means.

3 hours of painful needle-poking pays off, Mike sports a new tattoo, a tree tattoo to be precise. Scope out the rest of the story at Steak and!

Messy Hoes with Messy Holes, Anna gives you another reason to stay home and wank your dicks shitless. Check out another tasty treat at Porn!

The Art of Fucking At Steak and!


Spend a lazy afternoon checking out Steak and and you’re guaranteed to get laid. Yep, Mike’s take on the Art of Fucking will help you find the right fuck buddy you’ve always had wet dreams about.

But if for some reason, hot sluts gagging on monster cocks appeals to you more than getting some action (if that’s ever possible) then Jason has just the thing for you! Check out Revenge and let your good buddy Jason show you another great site that’ll have you beating that dick all day!

Give Peace a Chance by Fucking a Muslim


Monday sucks, I know. Lemme brighten your sordid day with a nice topless pic of a hot chick that you can wank on. You can thank me later. And while you’re at it, it’s double-post Monday at Consumption! Double the debauchery and scope out Consumption!

Dick has a sort of perverted theory that repressed sexuality is the main reason Muslims are insane. It’s actually a very enjoyable not to mention, informative read. Check for the rest of the article.

Anna of Porn pay homage to Bumble Bee, the quirky AutoBot from the Movie, The Transformers.

Clay Aiken’s Gayness at Steak and!


Dave is drunk and his life is threatened… yet again. This time by his father-in law. Check out another interesting read at Consumption!

Mike rants about Clay’s little spat with a woman while on a plane and how Clay is still as gay as a bag of rainbows. Scope out Steak and to read the rest of the article!

Lick My Bangs

And to wrap it up, Dick has a little shout-out for all the computer-illiterate retards out there! Come on over at because help is on the way!

Want a Cock UpGrade? Then Check Out Consumption!


Reggie brings hope for all the sick fucks who are sort of lacking confidence for the size of their err… packages Now, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about… *coughthetinylittlefuckerbetweenyourlegscough* Well, the good news is, a cock upgrade is possible! Scope out the answer to your small problem at Consumption!

Okay, Mike and his buds are looking for really, really HOT CHICKS (all caps, his, not mine) to join in on his little Labor Day Rendezvous in Vegas. So listen up y’all, sluts, strippers, hookers, porn stars, whores, or MILF, come on over at Steak and , shoot Mike an email and let the guy know if you’re game.

Anna hates the Canadian Idol. Check out Porn’s feisty smut connoisseur and her snarky remarks at the Canucks pathetic attempts at stardom.

SSR Fan gets struck by lightning!


SickSte Radio episode 37 is on! One man down! Shawn broke his back. But him, being the brave sick fuck that he is, didn’t let his crippled state stop him from bringing you the latest SSR show! First on the show is a call from a fan who’s stuck in the hospital because he got struck by lightning.

Next, Shawn dug an old audio clip from Howard Stern, no less! This should give you an idea how your beloved Consumption came to be the biggest, sickest site that it is now! And to wrap it up, a teenager bangs a sheep and got charged with bestiality and breaking and entering The audio clip of the news is well.. sick and oddly funny. Enjoy the latest episode of SicksiteRadio!

The Easy Solution To Child Birth on The 62nd Issue of The Weekly Wipe!


This is something else,… teenagers, in their futile attempt to avoid painful child birth are taking up smoking hoping to produce smaller babies. Too bad it’s just a myth, who knew right? Mike gives his two cents on dumbass teenagers, sex, babies and wire hangers as our featured Editorial Writer for the 62nd Issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Who’s in the mood for some tits? From Fresh-Faced Asians to European Beauties and their bazongas it’s sure to satisfy any horny fuck’s discriminating taste! That’s why for this week, The Porn Savvy crew presents Flashy Babes as our Review of The Week for The Weekly Wipe !

Bionic Men, Getting Corn-Holed by a Pitbull and Fight Stories on the 38th Episode of The SickSite Radio!


Hey Folks! The Sick Site Radio Episode 38 is on! Shawn is recuperating from his injuries but still managed to put up a great show! This time, it’s all about Fight Stories, Hot sluts (which is always mandatory on every SSR episode) Bionic Men and Rape dogs.

Check out Shawn’s latest Radio Blog involving a kid getting corn-holed by a pitbull!

Design-A-Tee Contest Winner, Unveiled!


Congratulations to our Design-A-Tee Contest Winner, BadHygiene! As promised, BadHygiene won a $50 worth of Gift Certificate he can use at The SickSite Shop!

The winning shirt design entry is gonna be used and will be available soon at The SickSite Shop. In case you’re curious, here’s BadHygiene’s handy work:

So again, congratulations to our winner and enjoy your prize!

Vibrating Triple Super Suck-Hers is The Sick Site Shop’s P.O.W!


Ladies, what’s better than one vibrator? Yep, three vibrators! The Sick Site Shop brings you our Product of the Week, Vibrating Triple Super Suck-Hers!

It boasts of cupped Nipple Suck-Hers and Clit Suck-Hers that “massages and titillates as it sucks your tits and clit!” This sucker is guaranteed to give you sensational climax, every time!

It’s Water-Proof and it includes FREE batteries and samples of Moist Lube and toy cleaner!

This nifty piece of pussy appliance is priced at $41.95 but take advantage of our promo this week and we will slash 10% off of it’s original price tag! That’s right folks, simply type in our Discount Code: TF21249 when you check out! This offer is valid from July 16 to July 23 2007!

Celebrating An All-Star Weekend, Getting Rail-Roaded by a Rampaging Bull and Psychic Readings from a Fake Hag


Phil, the lucky bastard that he is, got to see the WNBA All-Star Game and is hell-bent on making the rest of us jealous. Check out Phil buying tickets from scalpers out of desperation at Consumption!

Dick got several… err… interesting pictures of men getting trampled on by an angry bull. And since I know you love this shit,here’s a sampler:

Check out dem horns!

Scope out for couple more pics of men getting totally railroaded by that monster.

Anna talks about some psychic hack named Sara Frauder. If you take this psychic shit seriously, better check out Porn… why? Because a picture of Sara’s boyfriend a.k.a. “Magus Jean-Christopher”, is in there and is guaranteed to bring anyone “natural gifts of telepathy luck, love and the joy of life” or whatever.

Scoring Pussies has Never Been This Easy!


Reggie professes his love to a woman who have gotten him off far more times than any “real”girl he met ever could. Well, this chick is so hot, I couldn’t really blame him.

Check out Reggie saying the L-word to naughty girl Julie at Consumption

Jason says fuck the club scenes, there’s a better way to get laid! If you really wanna score pussies there’s no better place to go than Adult Friend! No guessing games or having to force a lame pick-up line every time! So scope out and let your good buddy Jason tell you just why you gotta check this site out!

And Anna dishes out a lot of satisfied costumers over the Sex Appeal in a bottle, Pherlure! Damn… a few spritz of Pherlure and you got girls screaming SEX in your general direction. Awesome product!

Mike Meets The Amazing Racist


Meg is thinking of locking herself up for the holidays because she couldn’t help fucking the most bizarre, perverted group of men. Now see here, she just gave you a little hint on how you can hook up with her… *wink*wink!

Mike meets The Amazing Racist. I’d say he really had a good time too, look at that smile! Ladies and Gents, many writers have died trying to describe that smile so enjoy! Also, Mike got a handful of shows from these guys, check ’em out at Steak and

And to wrap it up, Dick got lots of fans who wanted to write for and now one lucky guy was given that rare, once-in-a-lifetime chance! Dick presents, Bob and his gem of an article entitled Cropdusting First Class, scope out for that!

An Ode to Bob Barker On The 63rd Issue of Weekly Wipe!


On Weekly Wipe Issue 63 , it’s all about Phil and his childhood delusion of playing at The Price is Right. Now that Bob Barker has retired, Phil shares a list of people, possibly good enough to replace Bob.

Also on the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe, It’s all about toys! For our Review of The Week, Sybian, Fuckzall (hand-held mechanized dildo, if you don’t know), plus regular hand-held sex toys abounds! The men and women of the Porn Savvy crew is proud to bring you. Girls on Machines!

Ass-Opening Experience at Porn!


No self-respecting sick fuck forgets to start the day without their daily dose of debauchery so scope out another interesting tale of depravity at Consumption!

Jason of Revenge dishes out the rules for the fat bitches after a random fatty assaulted his vision. Check it out at!

Listen to the crashing waves

And if you’d rather watch than get yourself ripped a new asshole (as most of you prefer, I’m sure) then better come over at Porn and where Anna gives you an “ass-altering experience!” Youch!

Fine Smut Collection at Porn!


The weekend is upon us and that means you can jack off at the comfort of your own home instead of the office urinal! Check out our fine smut collection at Porn and you’ll be beating that dick all day!

Dick shows you how you can also score DVD quality porn at! That’s right, scope out and see how you can download tons of sleaze for your own private viewing pleasure!

… And I recommend heading to The SickSiteRadio and see what Shawn has been up to! Have a Happy Weekend, fuckers!

What every horny bastards needs, MaxStamina is The Sick Site Shop’s P.O.W!


The Sick Site Shop brings what every horny bastards can’t do without, MaxStamina is our Product of the Week!

This radical and unique sexual stimulant is not only designed to increase sexual stamina but also:


Produces increased erection, greatly lengthened periods of arousal and provides a significant increase in the ability to maintain intercourse before climaxes.


No other product produces the same euphoric sexual excitement.


MaxStamina is the only formulation with all the necessary compounds to be considered a “true” Maximum Sexual Stimulant.


Contains a blend including 10 of the most potent herbal extracts.

(Ingredients: Longjack (Tongkat ali / Eurycoma longifolio), Yohimbe, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Cnidium Monnier, Mucuna Pruriens, Horny Goat Weed, Polypodium Vulgare, Maca, GABA, L-Arginine and more.)

Originally priced at $45.50, since MaxStamina is our Product of the Week, we will slash 20% off it’s tag price! To take advantage of this promo, make sure to punch in the Discount Code: SG30229 when you check out! This promo is valid only from July 23 to July 30, 2007!

Hotline calls, the Michael Vick Indictments and taking a hit of one’s own Pube Joint on The SickSite Radio Episode 39!


Back in true fighting form, Shawn brings us the latest episode of The SickSite Radio! Starting off the show, hotline call from a fan who throws up after having a hit of his own pube joint and The Hand Job song!

Then Dick of Freakhole and Jason of Revenge joins in later on the show! And also, the Michael Vick indictments, and elderly women breastfeeding!

Enjoy the latest SickSite Radio episode sick fucks!

Mike and The Best Hate-Mail Ever at Steak and


Reggie gets into a freaky encounter with an old high school classmate through a Swingers Adult Site! The Reggienator and his latest rendezvous at Consumption!

Mike receives what he described as the best hate-mail he ever got. Actually, it’s from a white woman with her panties up in a bunch over the whole “Nigger” thing. Scope it out at Steak and, it’s pretty hilarious.

Dick introduces us to one of his favorite PornStar, Julie of! Dick is right, she is indeed freakishly hot! Check out Julie and her naughty bits at!

A Great Way For All SSN Fans to Submit Sick Shit


Money for Sex. Meg dreams of becoming a whore! Well, that’s something you don’t hear everyday. Check out Meg and her musings on being a Super Prostitute at Consumption

Scope out another interesting read at Revenge where Jason dishes out profound blurbs from former child star, Corey Feldman.

Anna finds the perfect place for he vids! SickSiteNetwork happens to stumble upon a great way for all SSN fans to submit debacherous, sick or pornographic stuff! Check out Porn and read all you need to know about Upload Cafe!

Anna Dreams Of Sucking Lily Allen’s Third Nipple On The 64th Issue of The Weekly Wipe!


Albeit scandals like sucking on cocks at a young age and gaining a bad rep with her notorious acid tongue, Anna shows some love for Lily Allen, an English Singer-Songwriter on the latest Issue of the Weekly Wipe! Find out just why Anna considers Lily Allen as one of the chosen few women she’d gladly shag on Weekly Wipe Issue 64!

I know how much the horny fans of The Weekly Wipe like pretty young things that’s why for this week’s Review of the Week, we give you, Twistys! Now go on and spend the rest of your day salivating and fapping away at these beauties, you earned it!

A Spammer’s Top-est Secret is Revealed at Consumption


Being the Good Samaritan that he is, Kurt responds to a spam mail he receives. Hilarity soon follows as “Elvis Spence/Robert Guei Jr” tries his damnedest to coax Kurt into doing what he requests by sharing the “topest secret… of his life” (Oooh…) Check out one side-splitting read at Consumption!

It appears that another spoiled but talentless celebrity ia going to jail! Read what Mike has to say about the jail-bound Nicole Richie at Steak and!

It’s Dick’s turn to respond to a white woman’s interesting (hate)mail regarding the “N-word” Read all the dirt at!

Virgil’s Open-Letter to Osama Bin Laden


If you’re not too tired from watching every fine, load-blowing vids at Porn and putting your cock on hyper-drive all morning, these ought to give you (not to mention your sore cock) a much needed-break!

Virgil tries his hands at being a Terrorist Consultant for none other than Satan himself, oh wait, no… I meant Osama Bin Laden (but who can really tell the difference?) Virgil and his attempt to whip Al-Queda back into shape at Consumption!

Never again shall women scream “I can’t feel a fucking thing” everytime you put on the moves using that tiny little pecker between your legs, Anna to the rescue! Check out a pointer or two on how to impress the ladies in bed at Porn!

The Sick Site Shop offers Chasey Lain CyberSkin Signature Pussy and Anus (Vibrating) at a special promo price!


We got another excellent product for this week! The Sick Site Shop offers Chasey Lain CyberSkin Signature Pussy and Anus (Vibrating) at a special promo price!

Chasey Lain’s 25th Anniversary Edition features a replica of her very own pussy and anus made in super soft CyberSkin that feels like her very own skin. Velvety soft-n-supple vaginal lips and Chasey’s tight-n-tiny rosebud behind, will stretch to accommodate any size.

You’ll be amazed how real it feels! Have your Chasey Fantasy come true!

The product comes with removable, powerful Love Bullet, that can be entered into the open ended design for intense vibrations. It’s easy to clean and comes with Climax Personal Lubricant! Sweet deal, right?

To get this product with 10% slashed off it’s original price, simply key in the Discount Code: VM15466 right after you check out! This promo is valid only from July 30 to August 6, 2007!

Add Consumption Junction Up On MySpace!


Folks, you might not know this but we do have an account at MySpace, we have been getting a lot of support from The Sick Fuck Army but you know what’s missing on our page? You. That’s right, you!

So add us up at our MySpace page and get all the latest debaucherous goodness you know and love! It’s gonna be awesome, I tell you. Together, we’ll sodomize Tom, plot a coup, hijack MySpace and raise hell (insert evil laugh here)!

Okay, maybe not, scope out our page HERE , take a good look around and add us up… to death!

Half-Pint Brawlers, Rock of Love’s Brandi C and Phil of Consumption Junction on the 40th Episode of The SickSite Radio!


The guy who smoked his own pubes imparts an important message to his fellow sick fucks at the SSR hotline. Ya gotta check out another awesome SSR show to find out!

Then,Puppet from the Half-Pint Brawler shares the gristly world that is Midget Wrestling! Next, Phil gives us the lowdown the New CJ!

And capping off the show, Hot chick Brandi C of The Rock of Love joins in, shares all the shit she’s been up to lately but I know that’s not really the juicy part. Didn’t take long before Shawn tries his damnedest to talk Brandi into returning to the porn business! That’s right, for a sampler of Brandi’s fine rack… err… performance, check out Shawn’s radio blog! Enjoy!

Celebrate National Orgasm Week at Porn!


Yep, it sure looks a lot like one of those days when everyone just seems to stumble upon great sites! And we wanna share, right?

Starting off with Reggie, the guy sure knows his smut. Check out Consumption and see how Naughty Allie rendered him speechless with her booty… oh I mean beauty!

I may have mentioned this a while back but let Dick refresh your memory. Scope out to find out another nifty way to upload/submit all your awesome videos at SickSite Network!

Anna says bring out the Video Box because it’s National Orgasm Week! What, you didn’t know? Then come on over at Porn and fap your dick sore in celebration!

New and Improved Consumption is Finally Launched!


Folks, we got a lot of positive feedbacks from you guys and for that, we have launched the new Consumption! More than giving ol’ CJ a face lift, new functionalities are added! Tag board, faster loading times, easier navigation, etc. while still giving you all the depraved goodness you love from the old CJ!

Of course, as with all things bright and spankin’ new, there might be a few things we have overlooked. For that, please give us your feedbacks! Let us know if there’s any kinks you have encountered and we’ll be more than happy to address any questions, problems or suggestions! So take a good look around the New CJ and enjoy!

Rules For The Parking Lot on Weekly Wipe Issue 65!


If you don’t want Jason hunting you down and smacking you right across your ugly mug, don’t test his patience when he’s in the parking area! On this issue of the Weekly Wipe, Jason of Revenge shoves Parking Lot Manners down yopur throat… or else!

Now for the latest Review of The Week, let’s, for one moment, take a deep breathe and cleanse our mind… fuck that, I was just kidding! We will set your most erotic desire ablaze with Blue Fantasies! So I’d say, bring out the vaseline and start spanking that monkey!

Interior Decorations, Red-Neck Style at Porn!


Whoever said being in the Mile High Club ain’t all peaches and cream ought to join in the Five-Foot High Club! Check out Virgil and the girlfriend getting their freak on at Consumption!

Red-necks sure know their thing! Check out their nifty multi-setting anti-burglar security system! Scope out Porn and let Anna dish out wonders upon wonders of innovative interior decorations, Red-Neck Style!

Keep up with the best of ’em with our Sick Site Shop’s Product of the Week, MaxNTense!


Our product for this week makes it possible! The Sick Site Shop brings you MaxNTense as our Product of The Week! MaxNTense is a supreme blend of 14 components to boost, stabilize, and free up testosterone. Fortifying herbs provide increased sexual intensity without stimulants.

Power-packed with ingredients such as Triulus Terrestris,Xanthoparmelia, and Macuna Pruriens, MaxNTense is perfect for men who wantbetter sex without taking stimulants, as well as build muscle and increase energy for more vigorous and effective workouts.

Priced at $45.50, get this amazing stamina booster with 20% off it’s original price by punching in the Discount Code: TL82988, right after you check out! Hurry, because this promo is valid only until August 13, 2007!

A Handful of Country Balls, Pinky Rings and Putting Things In Perspective


Consumption Junction is still experiencing a little kink here and there (with a few whiny and confused CJ fans to boot, I might add) but we got Phil putting things in perspective! So the next best thing to do is to lighten up and scope out Consumption !

It’s hate-mail time at! It appears that Dick is not done spittle sparring with his biggest fan, Rina about the whole “Nigger thing”! Check it out, bitch is after Dick’s balls, hahaha!

Tim McGraw can’t get a break. First, somebody tresspassed on his happy place, then got his pinky ring “stolen” and accused a poor, random fan of stealing in front of all those cameras and shit. Ugly, very ugly. Check out Anna giving her two cents over Tim, his balls and his pinky ring at Porn!

Mike Livin’ It Up In Miami!


Dave’s got an interesting story to tell about bourbon, bartenders and bouncers so check out Consumption Junction folks!

Mike is back, fresh from Miami! Green with envy yet? Scope out Steak and because he has loads of fine pics and stories to share!

And since this is a slow day (at least for me) I give you this:

… the rest of Allie’s fantabulous rack and hot ass are at, enjoy pervs!

A Day of Quality Porn Sites and Young Slutty Meat


Why go to the local Sex Shop when you can watch high-quality porn right at the comfort of your own home? Reggie brings you another awesome Porn Site at Consumption!

Maybe it’s the mesmerizing look of innocence, maybe the thought of screwing pretty young things rocks your boat but If you like ’em young but don’t want to spend the rest of your days in the dink for wanking off on adolescent teens then Anna found the right site for you! That’s right, you sick fuck! Scope out lusty 18-year old sluts just waiting for their hoo-hoos to get royally screwed at Porn!

Desperate Bitch Needs Good Fucking at The 66th Issue of Weekly Wipe!


On the 66th Issue of The Wipe we’ve got Shawn appealing to all SickSite Radio and Weekly Wipe fans to make a lonely, desperate woman happy by fucking her brains out! If you’ve been experiencing a bit of a dry spell then scope out the latest issue of Weekly Wipe and score some ass… if you happen to be in Akron, Ohio!

How about some brown sugar? On The Wipe’s Review of The Week, the Porn Savvy crew brings you a consistent top rater, Ebony Max! Only the best for the Weekly Wipe fans!

Skull-Fucking Tyra Banks, Dick bares his ass and Anna trims her bangs, ruler-straight.


With the help of a model, the chance of Meg skull-fucking Tyra just gets a little boost. Check it out at Consumption!

Pics, pics and more pics! Mike sure raised hell in Miami while Dick bares his… well, dick. Scope it all out at Steak and!

And wrapping all these wonderfulness up, Anna is struck with a sudden realization one fine day when she’s trimming her bangs using a cuticle scissors. Another amusing read at Porn!

SickSite Hottie, McKenzie Begs for Sex on The Latest Episode of SickSite Radio!


Hear the collective sound of your arteries shutting itself down with the Baconator! Virgil talks about the “ultimate achievement of the fast food way of life” at Consumption!

Copper thieves. Jason offers a “simple solution to a thoughtless problem” at Revenge!

And check out SickSite Radio’s latest episode, where Kurt of Consumption drops in! Shawn also features SickSite Hottie McKenzie, begging for sex and O.J pranks! Enjoy the weekend, sick fucks!

Listen up! The Tender Touch Massage Kit is Sick Site Shop’s P.O.W!


Bring intense sensuality with the latest Sick Site Shop’s Product of the Week, The Tender Touch Massage Kit! Give that special someone a little touch of happiness with an erotic massage because nothing like a little massage to fire up you sexual appetite!

The Tender Touch Massager stimulates you or your partner in all the right places! Comes complete with assorted attachments for personalized pleasure! This love tool is priced at $37.50 but if you key in the Discount Code: CW48424 you get this product with 10% slashed off it’s price tag! This offer is valid only until August 20, 2007!

Snaggle Tooth Celebrity Tigers at Porn


Phil dishes out all you need to know about Upload Cafe! That’s right kids, you can send all your depraved videos at SickSite for free and get the exposure you deserve! Check it out at Consumption!

From Avril’s fangs to Amy Wino’s knocked out choppers, Anna gives you her list of celebs in dire need to visit the dentist and take a nice whiff of novocaine at Porn!

The Woman That Launched a Thousand Boners at Porn


The Bijou Boy explores the depths of a Gay Bath House at Consumption

Dick gives you the third batch of his pics from Miami, scope it out at!

Ahh… the woman who launched a thousand boners. Anna tells you why the men of SSN are totally smitten with Julie! With a fantabulous set of hooters, a perky tush and loves the kink, what’s there to not like? Check it out at Porn!

Historical Facts about America’s Christian Tradition at Consumption!


Kurt has the historical facts proving thatAmerica’s founding fathers take religion very seriously. So seriously in fact that, it helped shape America as it is today! Chew on at Consumption!

Let Mike tell you all about his little adventure which involves Meyer Lansky, muzzle, the vet and blood. Interesting mix, scope it out at Steak and!

Jason pulls a fast one! But don’t take my word for it and better check it out for yourself! Jason’s hottest fan ever at Revenge!

Butt-Fucked By Beets on The Latest Issue of Weekly Wipe!


Man, my shoes are squishy and shit, but enough about moi because on the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe, we have Dick of, talking about being Butt-Fucked by Beets…. Mmmm… beets…. Yummeh… I mean…

Cute Asian and tight pussies! For our Review of the Week, we are featuring Asian DVD Pass! That’s right people, Check out the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe

The King of Internet Wants Your Ass In Miami


Welcome the weekend with arms with open by scoping out another interesting read at Consumption!

The King of Intenet invites you to join him in Miami! See how you can join Mike by checking out the details at Steak and

Anna has proofs that gay kid stuff proves to turn into an even gayer adult stuff at Porn! Have an awesome weekend, y’all!

Rules for Driving (Good Samaritan Edition) at Revenge!


Happy weekend, pervs! Mike gives his two cents on the Michael Vick Situation at Steak and!

Jason dishes out The Rules for Driving (Good Samaritan Edition)! Check that one out at Revenge!

And enjoy spending the rest of the day fapping away by visiting Porn!

Sick Site Shop’s P.O.W, Human Euphoria Pheromone Cologne!


Sick Site Shop brings you horny fucks, Human Euphoria Pheromone Cologne as our Product of The Week! This cologne is quite literally, sex in a bottle!

Human Euphoria Pheromone Cologne is a brand new formula that contains Human Sex Pheromones scientifically designed andproven to attract women. Just as animals use scents to attract the opposite sex, humans respond to pheromones that can greatly increase your chances of being approached and meeting women!

Get this amazing product with 20% slashed off it’s original price of $54.95 with our special discount promo! Just type in our Discount Code: ZC17824, after you check out! This promo is valid only until August 27, 2007!

For Great Porn Sites, Just Click and Stroke


Hunting for high-quality porn sites should be hassle-free and easy, but sometimes it involves a hell lot more effort than one might think! That’ why Reggie lends a helping hand so you can start fapping away only at Consumption!

What’s the best revenge againts cheating sluts and assholes? Why, posting their philandering ways for eveyrone to see, of course! Jason checks out a great porn site at Revenge!

Communicating with angels and putting up school courses for it, talk about a royal whack job, Anna tells what anabsolute piece of work Princess Martha Louise is at Porn!

Random Police Uniform on the 42nd SickSite Radio Episode!


You’ll enjoy hearing blowjob songs, hating on the miners, Intercontinental Fighting and more on the latest episode of SickSite Radio! And if that’s not enough, Jason of Revenge joins Shawn! Expect another cool episode at SickSite everyone!

Also, check out Shawn’s Radio blog! This week he gives you a vid of what goes behind the scenes at a Lesbian Porn Shoot! Enjoy! is in need of Staff Writers!


Seems like Meg ishaving a rough time trying to “escape a broken home” Yep, check out Meg’s brain farts at Consumption!

Dick is looking for staff writers! If you think you have what it takes (a sick fuck at heart, loves scat and burned human flesh, will write for beer) shoot him an email HERE or scope out the rest of the details at!

Anna says Lezzie is the Schiz! That’s why she found the perfect site for you pervs! Lots of lezbot lovin’ at Porn!

Ze King of Internet on The 68th Issue of The Weekly Wipe


On the 68th Issue of The Wipe we’ve got the King of Internet pondering on about the Bada Bing Strip Club, the stunning strippers that comes with the it and smurfs. What?

And you better scope out our Review of The Week before you go-go because it’s all about vintage porn! That’s right, boys and girls! The Porn Savvy crew reviews Retro Porn Archive on the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Finally Getting the Kinks Out of the New CJ


If you like depravity together with your morning coffee then check out a rather, informative read at Consumption where Phil gives the good news that the days of the little kinks you may have been experiencing with the new CJ are numbered!

Also,Ze King of Internet dishes out another batch of hatemails from his loving fans! Scope that one out at Steak and!

Another shit guaranteed to brighten your day is Shawn’s Radio Blog! This time, a vid of “The Biggest Asshole Who Ever Lived” award winner! Take it easy, everyone!

Anti-Racist Rant at Porn


Well, hello kids! Enjoying the weekend I hope? Well, what better way to start a lazy morning right by checking out Jason lusting after the barely legal Hayden Panatierre, straight at Revenge!

Now, I don’t need to tell you but if I must, we’ve got tons of awesome porn vids at Porn, I’m sure you like that, yeah? But save the fapping later because we’ve got a very pissed-off Anna , thrashing a racist porn review site! Scope the rants out at Porn!

Gina Lynn’s Wireless Infinite Sex Positions Love Doll is SickSite Shop’s P.O.W!


World’s first wireless vibrating love doll isThe Sick Site Shop’s Product of the Week! Gina Lynn’s movable arms and orbital sockets creating an exceptional range of motion.

This life-like doll comes with a Futurotica vagina, anus, nipples and sculpted mouth that expands to fit any size. She has almost seamless, life-like feeling skin, a full mannequin head with deep blue eyes and flowing blonde hair.

Gina’s long lean wrap-around legs are positioned to hug you and she even kneels for back door pleasures! She’s willing to satisfy your every command! Hands free, wireless micro-stimulator may be placed in any erogenous zone. Talc and batteries included.

Priced at $260, get a special 10% off it’s original price by keying in the Discount Code: RD30867 to take advantage of this offer! This promo is valid only until September 3, 2007!

Calling All Pirates On The Latest SickSite Radio Episode!


This week on the SickSite Radio, it’s all about the usual crazy hotline calls from the SSR fans with a bunch of interesting shit thrown in.

First, downloading the Rehab Album and a 17-year old who was able to unlock an iPhone! Then to keep things funner, Dick of joins in and shares some of his adventures! check it out on the latest episode of SickSite Radio!

Another thing, check out Shawn’s Radio Blog where he features a nice skin flickto make this hellish day a bit more bearable, yeah? Enjoy!

Allie In Wankerland Gets The Porn’s Stamp Of Approval


School is now and session and surprisingly, Consumption Junction is swamped with hot-blooded young meat eager to discover the debaucherous ways of a proud Sick Fuck. With that in mind, Phil welcomes the kids with arms wide-open at Consumption!

Allie and her perky little ass earns the PS Stamp of Approval from our Smut Connoisseur, Anna! Check out the rest of the details at Porn!

Your Best Pick-Up Line Might Win You a Gift Certificate at Revenge!


If you’re the kind of guy who’d love to hit a hot ass mom all night long then you’re in for a treat, my horny/weird friend! Reggie found an excellent site with lots of MILFs, you can jack off to at Consumption

Dick openly expresses his disgust over Amy Winehouse (bad teeth, bad music, bad outfit) Now, I think Dick forgot to mention her rat nest of a ‘do, I’m almost positive that there’s a whole ecosystem thriving on that shit. Anyways, check the rest of the article out at

And as for Revenge World, Jason gives you the chance to win an awesome Gift Cert from The SickSite Shop! All you have to do is to come up with the best pick-up line and send it to Jason!

Flying Solo on The Latest Issue Of The Weekly Wipe


On the 69th Issue of the Weekly Wipe, We’ve got Phil ranting about being cursed when it comes to flying (sitting next to smelly hippies, crying babies and Lou Ferrigno, Yes that Lou Ferrigno) Scope ’em out while it’s hot!

And for our weekly smut offering, we’ve got the Porn Savvy Crew raving about Reality Kings! That’s right, pervs! It’s all good so check out latest issue of The Wipe now!

Calling Henry Rollins on The Latest SickSite Radio Episode


Crazy phone calls from the SickSite Radio Hotline! Man, these SSR fans calls gets weirder and weirder each episode! Next, if you’re looking all over for thatperfect weed-butter recipe, why, look no more! Check out The latest SSR episode and score the recipe!

The cherry to top the cake? A SickSite Radio exclusive! Shawn interviews Henry Rollins! That’s right, bitches! Enjoy ‘\m/’!

Taking The Pubes To The Catwalk At Porn


Kurt lets you take a glimpse on the glamorous life of a comedian. And ayuh, I’m using the word “glamorous” loosely here. Check it all out at Consumption!

Jason, warming up for some Labor Day celebration, give you the Weekend News! Check out the latest shebang on the wonderful, wonderful world of from yer ol’ buddy Jason at Revenge!

An incredibly innovative/strange/courageous man takes ze pubes to the catwalk, literally. Anna even has the vid to prove it (not that she needs to present proofs or shit) Watch the video at! And finally, lemme just say: Happy Labor Day, kids!

The Sick Site Shop’s P.O.W is Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream!


Take masturbation to a whole new level! Unlike Silicone and water-based lubricants, Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream’s thick, non-greasy formula provides more than just wet slipperiness, it actually gets better the longer you use it!

As the cream heats up from repetitive stroking, the product texture transforms to simulate the sensation of aroused human tissue. The product’s viscosity stays intact and doesn’t break down during its transformation, so there is no need to re-apply.

Get Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream with a special 10% discount by typing in the Discount Code: WH18056, when you check out! This promo is valid only until September 10, 2007!

About DriveCleaner


Don’t you just hate spyware? So does The SickSite Network! Got word from the boss that a few fans were commenting that whenever they navigate through Consumption Junction, Steak and Cheese and, they get either A) a pop-up for DriveCleaner B) redirected to a site that is advertising DriveCleaner.

Now, we’ve gone through ALL of our advertisments (like we always do) as well as checking in on our advertisers and we haven’t found anything funky that would explain these glitches.

Obviously, a bunch of nerds have developed spywares that targets high-traffic sites. *counghSickSiteNetworkcough*

So guys, if you have any similar experiences please email all the details at, We need to know any URL you can provide and screen captures would be even better.

Also, we strongly encourage everyone to USE SPYWARE PROTECTION! AdAware is decent and free: Click Me, Bitches

And according to Marc, SpySweeper is a HELL of a lot better. They’ve got a free scan you can do from their page, on the right column under “Tools for Home Users” there’s a link for a free scan.

Why Pay For Porn When You Can Steal ‘Em Instead?


Okay pervs, it’s all about smut and scoring hot asses today. Starting off with:

Reggie, who made the choice of stopping on paying for porn and chose to steal ’em instead. Oh, you didn’t know? Smut-stealing is totally the schizz nowadays. Join his crusade at Consumption

Now on to getting laid:

Jason sez SexSearch ROCKS but don’t take his word for it! Find out for yourself just why getting laid has never been this easy at Revenge

Put an fun twist on ze old self-fondling with Adult Cam Action! Anna dishes out all ze good stuff that Adult Cam Action at Porn! Happy Ass-Shopping!

Meg Turns Over A New Leaf


Meg talks about Shattered Windows, Mended Dreams, Cops, and is thinking about turning over a new leaf at Consumption

Got small cock? Awww… Want a dong that matches your larger-than-life demeanor? Yeah? Let your good buddy Dick show you the way to a more massive schlong only at

The Wipe Hits The Big 7-0!!!


The latest on The Wipe, we are celebrating our 70th Issue! Yes folks, our featured editorial writer, Anna, cooked up something special for you guys! Know what? The first person who checks it out gets a cookie, One Oreo cookie to be precise. Just one piece and nothing more. Huh? Wait, what am I saying?!

Also, if you must know, The Porn Savvy Crew reviews Pornstars Likes It Big! Yes, because in celebration of this wonderful issue, we’re bringin’ in the big penis errr… guns! So check sit back, check out our latest issue of The Wipe and enjoy!

Start The Weekend Right With Loads Of Debauchery


Thank God for small favors, it’s the weekend! Now I don’t need to tell you this but start the day right by checking out another depraved shit from Consumption, it’s the habit of a true-blue sickfuck!

If you want your porn straight up head straight to Porn cuz I’m a shameless smut-peddler and that there are loads of new porn flicks and pics for you to enjoy! Now go fetch the vaseline and I’ll shut the fuck up already.

SickSite Network Will Get You Through The Weekend


Hey sick fucks, enjoying the weekend? Y’know what gets me through a lazy Sunday morning? Reading Jason’s weekend news. Yep, that’s right. It’s funny, entertaining and it effectively distracts me from my otherwise mediocre existence. So scope out Jason’s Weekend News at Revenge!

It’s Anna doing a plug and it ‘s about our spectacular 70th Issue of the Weekly Wipe! (..Aaaww… touching…) Yep, so if you wanna have a tiny look-see on what our special issue is all about, check out Porn now! Take it easy, everyone!

Hatin’ on Andy Rooney at Revenge


The world’s biggest terrorist dyes his beard to look younger and now Phil has followed suit. It’s all about darkened coiffure this glorious Monday at Consumption!

Gritty details on Mike’s misadventure in Vegas (… and it comes with pictures too!) check it out at Steak and!

Meanwhile we’ve got Jason hating on Andy Rooney’s word vomit over a certain article from Time Magazine. Also, Jason was nice enough to include some hilarious quotes from the guy at Revenge, enjoy!

Kyla Ebbert’s Crotch’s On The Latest Episode Of SicSite Radio!


Hey kids, Shawn hascooked up another wacky episode on The Sick Site Radio!

First off, the show begins with hilarious hotline calls from ze crazy SSR fans! Then, it’s all about horny pizza guys, sexy airline passengers plus Shawn’s very own drunken misadventures from his trip to Puerto Rico!

Enjoy another fun episode of the Sicksite Radio now!

SickSite Radio’s New MySpace Account


Hey folks, The SickSite Radio’s MySpace profile is toast but well, Tom and the gang always had a nasty habit of killing off our accounts. But don’t fret, loyal SSR fans because SickSite Radio has a new MySpace account!

That’s right! Also, To find out the rest of the URLs of your favorite site, check out it out HERE! SickSite Network is hell bent on conquering MySpace so spread the word and add us up to death!

The King Of Internet Has Left The Building


That’s right kids, first off, let’s offer five seconds of silence dedicated especially to The King of Internet’s departure from Steak and

(5 seconds of silence)

Aaaand… were back in the game! Now that Mike is out, Jason is in! He’ll be taking over SnC and since he’ll be leaving his former post, we are looking for a new Revenge Editorial Writer! Yep, If you think you have what it takes, shoot Marc a sample of your handy work here or here, it’s that easy! Good luck y’all!

Surprise Butt-Sex On The Latest Issue Of The Weekly Wipe!


There’s something about plowing the backyard that’ll forever captivate men’s imagination, (and by plowing the backyard, I mean Anal Sex, genius) on this issue of the Weekly Wipe, we’ve got Jason of Steak and Cheese talking about Butt-sex!

And since I know you guys like it hardcore, We are featuring the lovely Jules Jordan on Weekly Wipe’s Review Of The Week! Enjoy, sick fucks!

Tina Lee-Almazar | Tinaciouslee

Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer and editor based in the Philippines. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Centro Escolar University in Manila. She started out as a production associate at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network in 2004 before transitioning to creative writing in 2006. Her years of experience as a writer resulted in having considerable knowledge in a variety of writing fields. When she’s not surrounding herself with pretty things or discussing herself in the third person, Tina watches funny cat videos all day.

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