SasaLee: The Tale Of The Lost Passport

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Commercial muna tayo: Ang maka-bagbag damdaming katanghan na ito ay inihatid sa inyo ni: SasaLee, Ate ni TinaLee

SasaLee and Cake

Wala akong balak na mag-update ng blog pero may nakakatawang nagyari sakin or actually, sa ate ko kaninang umga. Share ko lang.

My sister lost her passport three months ago. She’s not exactly what you’d call a “neat freak” so her missing passport isn’t actually new to me. Anyways, she’s been trying to find the damn thing for quite some time (3 months) and was almost resigned to the fact that she’d be forced to get a new one. Anyone who has a passport knows how fucking hard it is to get a new one especially if you lost yer old passport. Paper works, filing stuff to the authorities, shit like that.

This morning around 8:30, We were making our way to our respective offices when we realized we have absolutely no smaller bills to spare for our short FX ride. Sasa, being the first born, took it upon herself to buy insignificant goods to score some change in the nearby sari-sari store. She was idly checking out the food from the store when a posted sign caught her eyes:

Lost Passport: Maria Theresa Coliamco Lee

Ang tanga kong ate, na laging nawawalan ng gamit ay natulala, kinalabit ako then started giggling while claiming she is that person to the cashier and started flinging her ID around. Turns out, a tricycle driver found the passport and (rightfully) assumed the girl who lost it is from the village we’re in. The cashier told us, they’ve been looking for the owner of the schiz for a long time.

So why am I telling this funny news to you guys? My sister told me she can’t say to her bosses that she found her passport otherwise isasama sha sa Hong Kong. She gave me permission na ipagkalat ang masayang balita ayon sa aklat ng katangahan ni Sasa.

Tina: Tanga mo din eh no? So, ang gamit mo nakakarating hanggang sari-sari store ng ibang tao?
Sasa: Oo nga eh, wahahahah!
Tina: Buti di ka natunaw sa hiya. Libre mo me.
Sasa: Ulol.

In the end, sa sobrang tuwa ni gago, nilibre ako ng taxi ride. Yun lang.

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  1. Is that a picture where we went to that iWeb excursion? The background looked familiar. Some really uncomfy memories back then. I saw IT boy Ron half naked from the waist up and he looks like a devil baby! And then I saw some men wearing undies for a swimming pool contest that was lame. Admit it!

  2. Good Lawrd, Doy. I didn't go to the Iweb Thing but you may be right. That pic was taken when she was in Batangas, company excursion din nila last summer. Natawa naman ako ambilis ng mata ah!

  3. wahahahaha kasing kulet mo pala yung hateh mo mu 😛

    pero swerte nya ha, nakita nya pa ulet. kung ako yun, ndi ko ibabalik, ipapambili ko na lang ng tsikadizzz!!! ah passport nga pala, tsk tsk

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