Review: Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner

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A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I traveled to Batangas for my friend’s mother’s 60th birthday. Well, I forgot to pack my makeup kit! Thankfully, we dropped by the local mall before heading home. One of the items I picked up is a pen liner by Maybelline. It’s called the Hyper Impact Liner and it’s amazeballs.

Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner

What is it: Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner

The Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner is a precision liner designed for beginners. It comes with an intense jet black formula to highlight the eyes! With just a single pass, I knew this liner is so much better than the K-Palette 24 hour liner.

According to Maybelline, Hyper Impact Liner is:

Equipped with genius technology – jet black ink, 1.5X heavier for utmost stability and flexi cushion tip for easy application.Hyper Impact can create impactful eyeliners for instantly bigger, darker and deeper eyes!

This pen eyeliner is fitted with a cushiony felt tip, not a brush tip. With a flick of the wrist, you can go heavy on the liner for dramz or go thin for a sweet, demure look. Not playing, I go heavy on the liner because I’m mono-lidded. And yes, I line my eyes every day because that’s what Asians do!


You know what, it’s exactly how Maybelline described this liner to be. The formula is beautiful. The ink is black as sin. You don’t need to layer the product several times to get an even line. And once it sets, it stays put for hours on end.

During the party, I wore this liner for 10 hours in an extremely humid room and the liner stayed intact. That said, the product was breaking down a bit on outer corners of my eyes because these areas were oiling up. On normal days, I wear this liner for 4 to 6 hours and the liner stays pristine… like it’s freshly applied.

The ink is not 100% matte. The finish has a slight sheen to it, almost imperceptible unless you look too closely. I suggest packing inky black eyeshadow on top of the product to get an intense matte.

Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner

The liner is so easy to use. It’s really one of those fool-proof pen liners that yield an even line. The felt tip is slightly stiff but it follows the contours of the lids, creating a precise line. Removing the liner is easy with micellar water although you gotta wipe several times to get it off.

Swatch Party!

Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner

If there’s one thing that I’m having problems with this product, the felt tip is prone to skipping on the skin. This could create a jagged, uneven line that’s hard to correct. But as long as you are careful as you line your eyes, you should have no problems using this liner at all.

Final Thoughts

Compared to K-Palette’s black liner, this is so much better as far as application, finish, and staying power goes. And it only costs a fraction of the price! The K-Palette’s black liner retails for PhP700+ while the Hyper Impact Liner is only PhP400+. A great deal, indeed!


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