My Last Five Girlfriends

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It’s a relatively new British comedy film based on Alain De Botton’s book, Essays In Love.

The story revolves around Duncan, who, after a string of failed relationships, tries to find out what went wrong, leading up to him trying to off himself to “make a statement”. Except for the suicide part, the plot sounds a lot like High Fidelity, no? Nope, it’s different.

Also, it’s  interesting because Duncan’s love life was depicted as a theme park and each girlfriend, a “ride” of sorts. I haven’t seen a film this quirky in a long time. Watch it!!!

Memorable Line:

Duncan: I’d actually only taken twenty amphetamine Vitamin C tablets, which was lucky because it suddenly dawned upon me how unsatisfying suicide is. All I wanted to do was make a point, but why make such a scene if you’re not around to witness the result? If you don’t get to see the reactions of those you try to affect, commit suicide and you’re too dead to get pleasure from it!

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