Making Someone Reach Emotional Orgasm

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Bet the title got your attention, you silly, horny fucktard. I was just messing with your head.

Albeit a very dismal morning, interesting shit comes in… I somehow made somebody’s day. Unintentionally, of course. Y’know this is the real reason why I’ve strove to put up a blog here, I wanted to make the world a better place for all mankind. A place full of fairies, rainbows, butterflies, angels, chocolate rives and ballerinas in pink tutus dancing at the top of the hills. A place where gayness is the air we breathe and race meant nothing but a slightly comforting scratch in the ass cheek.

If you, my dear, believed any of the those things I just said, your probably a bit more insane than I’ll ever be. Dude, I was just kidding… c’mon. Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yes, It appears I made somebody’s day because of what I wrote a few blogs ago. She was absolutely thrilled, she actually had an orgasm. Yeah, I was just messing with you again, hahahah! No, she made a blog with my name on it, kinda goes something like this: Thanks for making my day… TINA LEE! (all caps hers, not mine)

Two Bitches in a Pod

Tina Lee would be yours truly. I felt the need to point it all out to y’all because I’m an attention-whore and I love gossip-mongering, true story. So, I think I mentioned this friend’s name one blog ago, her name is Hannah in case somebody needs to know (Please feel free to stalk her, she’s bored right now but don’t tell her I said so) and the blog she was referring to, you can find to be the cheesiest blog I ever wrote but I don’t really feel the need tell which one. Here’s a few blurbs from her blog:

… but just as I was doing some online-eye-flexing (reading Tina’s brain farts), my brain cells twitched as I skimmed her blog. I wasn’t really planning (sic) to rouse my tear glands but at 2 in the morning, I was rushing towards the girls’ bathroom to wipe off my watery eyes. WTF!!! How I wished her blog comes with a warning sign, that this is strictly for non-emotera corner so that I could just easily click the exit option and continue pissing Benny… (LOLZ) Actually, she already told me that she had written a blog about that certain issue but I never thought she would put too much effort in it… (ex: uploaded(sic) with pictures)

I am recalling her past blogs and I think this was the first time that Tina became so mushy with stuffs she’s posting in her blog. But of course, the touch of bitchy-ness never fades in every line…”

Anyways, the real, real reason I’m writing this is to say Thank You to Hannah. Nothing tickles my cold black heart more than knowing I made somebody cry like a little girl at the dead of the night, hahaha! Actually, I kept telling everyone to check out the playlists on the blog instead of the actual brain farts because I’d hate to get a text message telling me how I made someone’s brain melt or somebody went Benoit on everyone’s asses after scoping out my blog, that would not be cool.

That’s it, this is just me giving a shout-out to you, Hannah! You can check out my emo-girl Hannah’s blog HERE, it’s mostly shit about work and the likes. Hopya like it!

I’m ghost!

Tina Lee

Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer with an insatiable appetite for all things bright, shiny, and beautiful. She's a beauty junkie, a shopping connoisseur, a book collector, a purse addict, and a budding mom-tepreneur. Tina has a long-standing (and well-documented!) but one-sided love affair with cats. Special talents include: the ability to eat again an hour after eating, shopping at 3 different malls in 1 day, and taking a 3-hour power nap every day including weekends.

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  1. I'm a good witch! A good witch, i tell you! Good!!!! Hehehehe… don't I just sound like a retard? LOL!

  2. @Lunatic_Nymph: God, me being cheesy is just a rumor I started because I love attention and I love wearing tube at work while sporting a two inches thick, two-tone-lighter-than-my-real-complexion foundation. I'm like, a regular trend-setter what can I say?

  3. @Deejay: Wehehhehehe! Welcome to my page, kapatid! Hope you don't mind, I'm including your blog link on my page too! Looking forward on scoping your blog out for myself! 😀

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