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Imma rant for a bit.

What’s worse than being stood up? Being told to go somewhere else 15 minutes after you arrived at the agreed meeting place. That’s exactly what happened to me a few days ago. I was supposed to claim my Kuwait goodies, which comprises of two pairs of shoes and a bag for my mother, from a sister’s friend who went home to attend her own sister’s wedding.

Seriously, my sister has the most charming of friends.

I didn’t even know it’s possible to stood someone up and make her go to another place at the same time. That’s like, gonna upset the time space continuum or something. Seriously, people like this make me feel a little better about the upcoming zombie apocalypse (I seriously wish they’d be the last ones to die, it’s more horrific that way).

My close friends know I have the tendency to get irate when they make last minute changes to any plans made several weeks in advance. The truth is, I don’t minding waiting for an hour or two just as long as the other person has every intention of showing up.

I cannot, for the life of me, tolerate people who show no respect for other people’s time. It’s true. I cannot wrap my head around the idea of making someone wait for nothing, you know?

That’s why during this kind of situation, I make sure I let the other person know what time I left the house, the ETA and such, I treat it like a business deal. I’m expecting the other person to extend the same courtesy but there seems to be no shortage for classless, dim-witted cunts who show complete disregard of other people’s time and then have the audacity to play the victim.

Oh, if I get a penny for every former friend who pulled this shit on me, I’d be rinsing my locks from a diamond-encrusted shower head right now.

It’s sickening.

So this particular friend of my sister, changed the meeting three times in less than an hour before the actual meeting. Mind you, this meeting was planned a couple of months in advance.

I came on time. She made me wait for 15 minutes at the meeting place with no intentions of showing up. Had the nerve to tell me she will no longer drop by said meeting because “her office friends cancelled their gimik so she has no reason to go there” and had me running all over the city just for a couple of shoes and a bag. If it were not for the fact that the bag is a birthday gift to my mother, I wouldn’t have bothered chasing after this bitch. To make matters worse, she kept rubbing in the fact that “nakikisuyo lang kami”.

I get it naman. Yes, “nakikisuyo” nga lang naman kami. But there’s clearly no reason why she has to rub it in because I wasn’t demanding anything. In fact, she was the one who set everything up and all I did was show up on time.

What I found unacceptable is, she made some lameass excuse about her sister’s wedding dress seconds after she just said she couldn’t go to our meeting place because her other friends wanted to change their gimik. She not only used the nakikisuyo card on me, she also lied to my face in hopes of justifying her behavior.


So what’s a girl to do? Seeing how angry I got, the boyfriend had enough sense to tell me to count to ten, calm myself down and eat dinner first before calling the bitch. Unfortunately, it did nothing to ease my temper. If anything, the slight delay only made me angrier. So after dinner, I called the woman and gave her a piece of my mind. Hey, somebody has to point out what a fucking blockhead she is. Let’s just say, that night was a really uncomfortable one for the both of us.

Anyhoo, I got the bag and stuff after making my way to the third meeting place. I really didn’t want to do it but the boyf told me to just focus on my mother’s gift instead of my rage and I did. Obviously, I’m still somewhat simmering in quiet rage even now. It sorta ruined the excitement getting two pairs of cute shusies.

I shouldn’t rant about it, I know. I just don’t get people like that, you know?

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