Hello Minions.

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Oh, hai hai! It is I, Tina Lee. You may remember me as the maker of this blog and a bunch of others. As you can see, daddy’s home.

I will be starting from scratch here because the year is relatively new and I’m feeling left out because all my friends got their own blog I’m bored.This new blog site was created as a way for me to go back to my roots, writing about everyday mundane circumstances, people, music and yes, personal insights on a few things.

Scoff if you must, but I’ve come a long way since my first personal blog, Mundane Side of The Road, which died a sudden death four years ago. I won’t promise I’ll be honest or be entertaining. This is my playground. I play here. That’s about it.




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Tina Lee

Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer with an insatiable appetite for all things bright, shiny, and beautiful. She's a beauty junkie, a shopping connoisseur, a book collector, a purse addict, and a budding mom-tepreneur. Tina has a long-standing (and well-documented!) but one-sided love affair with cats. Special talents include: the ability to eat again an hour after eating, shopping at 3 different malls in 1 day, and taking a 3-hour power nap every day including weekends.

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