GD Star Rating Review: One Plugin To Rate and Review Them All

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The GD Star Rating is a plugin that allows you to create a rating and reviews system for posts, pages, and comments on your WordPress blog. Using the GD Star Rating plugin, you can add widgets into the sidebars to display different statistics such as top ratings, with just a click. You may also display the value of posts, comments, etc. through rating stars or thumbs ratings. The advanced settings panels let you choose how you want your ratings are set.

GD Star Rating Features

One of the best features of GD Star Rating plugin is the number of supported languages. You can choose among English, Serbian, Spanish, Hindi, German, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Russian, Polish languages. Other cool features include:

  • You can set up a rating or review system for your blog site
  • You can choose from great looking graphics such as rating star styles and templates
  • Filters out search bots
  •  Quickly import or export data through CSV files
  • Stores important voting trend data for analysis
  •  Cookies for each individual votes are saved
  • Includes a PDF tutorial for user

Updates about Support

Support for complex problems of this plugin in is no longer free. That’s not surprising since it takes a lot of time to develop the GD Star Rating plugin.  Support is still free for minimal fixes and consultation. A much higher level of support is now available for customers for a fee. The paid service include premium tutorials, email support tickets, features wish list, access to the premium forum, access tips, templates, etc.


This plugin is one of the most downloaded plugins in the Internet and that’s hardly surprising since it’s useful, compact, it supports multiple languages and it’s a generally cool plugin. The GD Star Rating plugin  is perfect for website owners who love reviewing or rating articles, comments as well as site pages. By using this plugin, website owners can transform their website into a rating and reviews site, which can be monetized in affiliate marketing. If you got a website and you want to beef up its features for online promotions, the GD Star Rating plugin is a real must-have.

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