Factors To Consider When Choosing Function Rooms for Corporate Events

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Corporate events such as cocktail parties and other social gatherings are more popular than ever because such events help encourage better personnel relations and boost morale among employees. With this in mind, most corporate events are organized at a month or a year’s end. A critical part of a successful corporate event includes the venue where the party will be held. A great venue helps leave a positive impression on employees as well as create the perfect ambience for the social gathering.

If you are organizing a corporate event, it pays to have deep understanding on what factors you have to consider when choosing the right function venue for the party. Consider these tips for starters:

Party Theme

The right venue will depend on the party’s invited guests. For instance, simple cocktail parties call for relaxed, unrestricted venues. On the other hand, formal social gatherings for important office delegates or board members are usually held in more upscale venues.

Are you organizing a simple Christmas or Halloween party or are you planning a company-wide event that will include the presence of key company officers, including the CEO, COO, etc. When it comes to picking the right venue for a social event, it’s a matter of knowing which type of social gathering it will be.


Choosing the right venue helps establish an impressive company image. So it’s always important to consider the location of the venue as well.

How accessible is the venue to all invitees? Most resorts or hotels require a specific number of orders per head before the actual event so it’s essential that all invitees can reach the venue without any problems at all. One way to make the venue accessible to all guests is to find a function room that has a good means of transport so even those who do not have their own cars can come to the party on their own. For bigger social gatherings that include foreign delegates, some hotels and venues owners will provide accommodation.

Booking for a venue that offer additional services like catering, accommodations or extra rooms for all party attendees will save you headache if certain things don’t go as planned. Whichever part of town you chose to hold a corporate event, make sure you checked and organized the little details first!


When invitations are sent and confirmation of attendees is received, it’s now time to take charge of the venue’s decorations. From the dance floor to the sitting arrangements, make sure you are sitting the right people together but don’t go overboard because you want to encourage conversations between personnel too. You can also set up a small stage if the company owner has to address their employees, for the band/DJ to start playing songs, etc.

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