Establishing Better Traffic Despite Google’s Algorithm Update

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Have you checked the page ranking of your site recently? Did it improve or has your site been removed from the top of the searches? You may be wondering what happened and what you should do to make necessary tweaks in your marketing campaign.

2012 Algorithm Changes: Smarter Google

Search engine giant Google updated new search algorithm during the first quarter of 2012. The updates included a modified ways to advance in online searchers. This new algorithm now focuses more on the quality and relevance of content and not the quantity of sites that affect SEO. Now, excessive optimization, keyword spamming, and/or excessive exchange of links are penalized. On the other hand, websites that contain relevant and quality content are now achieving higher rankings.

Which makes you wonder, how can you increase your ranking despite these major changes? When it comes to online marketing, content is still, king and this is one of the most effective ways to move on top of the searches. Focusing on relevant, high quality content was once the only way to be number one. However, due to the slew of automated spinning software, keyword abuse, and excessive dispersal of links, many marketers moved away from offering exceptional information and instead, relied on bots to do the job for them. Obviously, Google found ways to tweak their own algorithm to punish such sites and the fight for higher traffic through relevant content has begun. Now the question is, will you be left behind?

Here are a few other tips on how to counter the updates made by Google:

Profile Links/Sigs No Longer Work

Your ranking will no longer be improved using profile links/sigs on message boards and online forums. In the past, marketers used to bundled profile links in RSS feeds so they will be indexed. This trick no longer works as Google now considers these as trash links.

No More Black Hat Marketing

Black hat marketing methods such as doorway pages, cloaking, link spamming, and hiding backlinks are no longer effective. Website caught using black hat marketing will be penalized by Google.

Build your Website for People, Not Search Engines

Optimize your website but make sure it loads faster. Check how fast and dependable your server is. If you got the budget, use a VPS or a dedicated server. Make sure your online marketing contingent uses CSS sprites for images and that the file size of these images are reduced for a faster website.

Make it a point to lessen the load time of your website. Avoid using flash-based animation/graphics as these can be indexed and slows down the loading time. There are websites that use flash well for ranking but this does not apply to everyone.

Make use of internal links if they are RELEVANT. Simply linking all your pages to keywords will cause problems to the page ranking of your site.

Embedded YouTube Videos

Adding YouTube videos to websites allow your site to be more engaging to prospective customers and make them spend more time on your website. This increases the chance of securing solid sales and establishes business relationship with you, not your competitors.

Use Proper Backlinks 

Same as the rules of using backlinks before the new algorithm of Google, veer away from spamming backlinks, using irrelevant contextual backlinks, profile links, etc.

Avoid Using Senuke

Senuke is one of the oldest and most popular backlink software. Generally speaking, Senuke only favors those who have low competition niche and keyword. Relevance of contents is the most important factor to consider so the use of an article spinner will lower your chances of backlinking.

Tina Lee-Almazar | Tinaciouslee

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