Claws are Out: A Fete-Ful Night

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Don’t you just hate it when you are stood up? In the past, a dorm mate of mine was kind enough to had me wait two full hours for nothing. It took her more than a month to actually apologize for it. Needless to say, friendship over. Now, it happened again. Only this time, it’s much worse. I actually found myself going to an event and I had no idea where it was being held. isn’t that lovely?

This is going to be one heck of a rant, so you’ll have to excuse me.

So last night, I was supposed to attend this year’s Fete de la Musique with a certain friend of mine. He was late, which I expected because he told me he ‘d be attending a birthday party before meeting up. I went on time and was made to wait for an hour. Hey, that’s fine. I called the fucker several times and he wouldn’t take my calls. Several minutes after the agreed time, the guy finally texted that they are on their way to event and suddenly, I found myself waiting on the agreed meeting place at the agreed time and the fucker had to plans to show up.

Clearly, it was shaping up to be a bad night.

I reminded that person that we were supposed to meet somewhere so he took his words back and told me he’s about to go to the meeting place. This posed as a problem for me because 1) he was lying and 2) I asked another guy to meet me to the event’s venue. I see no reason why my other friend and I had to wait even more just so this friend of mine could get his shit together.

But what pissed me off was his excuse for not taking my calls. He told me his phone was on silent mode. Now, I don’t know about you but who, on God’s green earth, would turn his or her phone on silent mode when that person is about to meet someone in less than 30 minutes? Can you tell me? Also, don’t make excuses as lame as that when we both know you rejected my second call, you inconsiderate, lying son of a bitch.

Don’t you just hate it? You go make plans with friends, get all excited and stuff but on the day itself,  they don’t take your calls if they are running late? Why some people do this is beyond me.

Let me tell you something about lying. When you lie to someone about something, you better be damn sure the other party don’t know shit. Otherwise, it’s one argument you’ll never win. Don’t go around changing plans at the last possible second and make it seem like it was I who was on the wrong time and on the wrong place because my friend, this has been set up for days. You do not make people wait for you if you had no intentions of showing up, that’s so fucking disrespectful.

I get it, you were late, and that’s fine. At some point in our lives, we showed up late for something. But you, my friend, have no fucking reason to lie about it like I don’t have half the brain to know exactly what happened.

I guess what I was looking for was for this person to show a shred of decency by saying the truth. I don’t care for excuses, I don’t care for lies, I don’t care for lameass apologies. I wanted this person to just say it like it is. I would have been fine with a simple “Oh, I’m sorry. The party dragged on longer than I expected, I didn’t notice the time so let’s head to the venue and I’ll explain everything”. That would do. I’d still be pissed off, yes, but at the very least, you told the truth. But to lie about it to cover your own ass?



Obviously, some people take me for a fool. And no, putting this->  🙁 together with your lameass apology won’t make it convincing.

Unfortunately, I did not know where this thing was being  held and I didn’t bother finding out until then because I was meeting someone who knows where this thing is, which, admittedly, is very irresponsible on my part.

I didn’t have a plan B. I found myself frantically texting people asking where the fucking venue is. How pathetic is that? I was too angry and dismayed to ask my so-called friend where the venue was. Thankfully, a good friend of mine was kind enough to spare me a second to check online and search for the thing. Of course,  I was in no mood to go. The night was ruined but I still went to the thing. You know why? Because when I make plans with people, I stick to that plan, regardless if I am sick, pissed off, or both, not only because that’s the kind of person I am but also, I know what it feels like to be blown off by people and it is something that I do not want to do to others. It’s hurtful and disrespectful. I could be late, yes, but I when I say I’ll be there, I will be there.

I don’t understand people who pull this kind of shit, I really don’t.

The night dragged on. Fete de la Musique was surprisingly lame. So is the venue. It’s like a giant Easter hunt, actually. The performers were doing their thing inside bars and it’s up to the audience to check which genre is which. The bars were scattered on different streets. It was a mess. But I had a great time. It was clear I was not in the mood but my other friend took it in stride and showed me an interesting time, which I appreciate.

Unfortunately, we ran into the fucker. Twice. And just when things couldn’t get even worse, it did. The second time we crossed path, he had the audacity to tell me it’ll be the last time he’d approach me about it. Jesus. H. Christ.



So let me get this straight, you were a no-show, made me wait for more than an hour, put me in a very compromising situation, had me bothering other people for this shit that you created, essentially ruined my night and you have the nerve to tell me it’s the “last time” you will go and apologize for it? Is that an ultimatum?

Bitch, please.

Darling, would you like me to do you a huge favor by talking to you about the issue at the worst possible time and ruin what is left of the night? Is that how you want it? Would you like me to lie on the ground so you could step all over me? Would that be good for you? How about some fries? Would you like fries with that?

What kind of inconsiderate asshat does that? Apparently, some people close to me actually do.

It took an enormous amount of effort to not look his way and punch him in the mouth, let me tell you that. If it weren’t for the fact that he was with his girlfriend, whom I just adore, I would literally go Christian Bale on his sorry ass.

The moral of the story, do not expect too much from people, you are bound to be disappointed. Oh, and by the way, this one’s for you.

Peace and love, muchacho.

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