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So. If there’s anything I love as much as shoes, it’ll be rice. Being a rice lover has its perils… on the waistline. I’m forced to live the rest of my days limiting my rice intake as I gain weight pretty easily. One lazy evening, I was watching TV and saw an CarbTrim ad. For people who do not like watching local channels, lemme fill you in:

Carb Trim claims to block as much as 66% of carbs taken in from the body. It comes in two variants, Apple and Lemon ice tea. It contains white kidney bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris) extract that helps eliminate unwanted carbohydrates that may lead to fats and transform it into fiber. CarbTrim works by preventing the alpha-amylase enzymes in our body system from breaking down carbohydrates from starchy food (e.g. rice, bread, pasta) into sugar.

It also reduces the glycemic Index and caloric impact from food; minimizing the conversion of starch-to-sugar-to-fat and thus help in reducing body weight, fat mass and waist and thigh circumference.

Could it be? Could this be the answer to my prayers?

Of course, I did a little research here and there and discovered that CarbTrim’s active ingredient, white kidney bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris) extract, is known as some sort of carbo-blocker. So there’s that.

It’s practically a sin to not hoard on this stuff and hoard ’em I did. It’s so expensive though. For almost PhP150 for a box of just six sachets, it’s a pretty big risk to buy shitload of ’em in one sitting. But given the fact that 1) I love rice and 2) most supermarkets are almost always out of CarbTrim, I decided to well, buy several boxes. If it won’t work, I got months worth of ice tea naman, hahaha!

So far, I only tried the Apple variant (I heard it tastes far better than the Lemon variant), which you need to drink during or before you eat, and fortunately, there’s no funky aftertaste. It tastes just like regular iced tea. I like it. Now here’s to hoping it really does block 66% of the carbs I just ingested a few minutes ago.

Keeping my finger crossed.

*Obviously, this is not a review*

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