AuthenticBags4Sale: My Experience Ordering from a Personal Shopper

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Well that didn’t take long, did it? I mentioned a blog ago that the next bag on my list is the Balenciaga Bazar Shopping Tote in XS. I had a particular colorway in mind but sadly, it’s no longer available anywhere. I wasn’t *actively* searching for the bag but one of the online sellers that I follow on Insta was posting Balenciaga bags and I felt compelled to ask if she has it in stock.

She said that her EU partner could search for the bag and that she will give me an update. I heard back from her later in the evening and she said there is a bazaar with a similar colorway to the one that I wanted, asking if I’d like to get it:

Do I want this bag? Do I want it? I’ve only been searching for her for what it felt like forever! Yes, please!

Ordering Online: The Buying Experience

Yes, the name of the shop is generic-sounding and trust me, the fear of being scammed was real. I actually understand why she named her shop AuthenticBags4Sale, it was done for SEO purposes. And it works for her shop so there you go.

I noticed that unlike other sellers, Ms. Cza does not depend on celebrity endorsements. I thought that was refreshing. Most, if not almost all, of the shops I follow would either post pics of celebrities praising their shops, celebrities wearing their goods and tagging them, or snapshots of celebrities “following” their shop to add credibility to their business.

I’ve no problems with this practice but I feel that some sellers tend to get too full of themselves after getting a lot of praises from celebs.

Ms. Cza posts all the client feedbacks she gets on her insta-shop but she doesn’t make a big deal out of celebrity raves. I don’t see them at all, actually. Ms. Cza has been in the biz since 2013 and though I followed her insta-shop for years, it was only now that I got something through her.

I will write a separate bag review soon!

Getting the Bag

The entire transaction was smooth, Ms. Cza is so nice, unlike some personal shoppers that I’ve dealt with before. Essentially, I paid a downpayment once the order was confirmed and the balance was paid until the bag arrived in the PH.

This deal was strictly done online, I don’t think Ms. Cza has a showroom. As soon as I paid the bag in full, the bag was shipped to me the next day. It was so fast, guys. I was expecting the bag three to four days after I paid but it came the next day. Ms. Cza and her team are no fool.

The bag was packed in a sizable cardboard box. It was bubble-wrapped and was packed with care. The paper bag was folded neatly underneath the bubble-wrapped bag and the rest of the inclusions were inside the bag itself.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the entire transaction was easy breezy. Ms. Cza is amazing and her team is awesome. I was so happy with the way the entire deal went that I’m thinking of buying other bags through hMs. Cza na lang. She’s so easy to talk to and the bags are legit, make no mistake, so I highly recommend her.

And yes, the bag is the real deal, it was obvious. That’s precisely the reason why I’d like to buy from Ms. Cza again and again. All the stuff she sells are available on layaway too, so this is the perfect time to snag your dream bag.

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