Opening A Can Of Whoopass

I sorta ran into trouble with someone this morning that totally cost me a hefty paycheck. Just when I thought I was opening a can of whoopass, igh! I have to start learning how to play my cards right, hay.So... since my friend/ex-office mate became my neighbor I have inadvertently opened my home … Continue reading

The Week After

Things have been relatively quiet after the last clusterfuck of a week I had. PM dear was also quiet... too quiet. I have a couple theories. It's either she got one helluva sermon from the boss and she is taking that against me or I'm about to be fired.Do I sound crazy?I don't know about you but I … Continue reading


I have been having the worst week. Ever since I came back home for my cousin's wedding, things have been shitty. First, I was deemed as "unproductive" by my so-called PM. She had the audacity to tell me not to take offense when she said those words. Here's the situation. I reached my first month … Continue reading

Rak en Roll Days

I finally figured out the access codes for my old profile! I watched most of the old slides I did and I still can't believe it's been more than four years since we produced a rock event. Hay, I miss those days :(Sending all my love to the Angels … Continue reading