Bad Hair

My hair is such a nightmare to deal with. Especially during humid months, like now. I've been wearing my hair short for almost four years that I totally forgot how insane my hair gets at a certain length. Grabe, it's like, it has a mind of its own.I've been thinking of having the motherfucker … Continue reading


Say hi to my sister's kitten, Dimitri. He's a Korat/Russian Blue, I think (either way, he's a rare breed especially here in PH). I told my sister to think it over before buying him because we were unsure if he is a mix or pure bred. I don't discriminate but in the past, she had a peculiar obsession … Continue reading

Chillin’ like a Villain

My boss decided to take a well-deserved break by refraining from being online on mornings (PH time). This is one of the awesomest news  I heard this week because this means I can chill. You see, I' m tensed whenever any boss of mine is online regardless whether he's just a few yards away or  even … Continue reading