Weekend Round-Up

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Still Hunting

I’m a bit tired of waiting and I fear that if I don’t score a job by next week, I might take another shot at the Porn gig that a friend of mine offered last week.  I really, really hate the idea of going back doing the same old shit (especially since its home based) when I swore I’d stay … Continue reading


Interviewer: Don't you feel a bit degraded because you're a woman and you're working for the porn industry?Tina: Well, no because first, I'm not the one on the video. There's no reason for me to be ashamed of what I do. Second, we're all professionals regardless of sex. And third, it's just … Continue reading

Phone Calls

Had a little get-together with writer friends. It wasn't totally mind-blowingly awesome but it was good seeing everyone. Well, almost everyone. Two left early, another two were not able to make it and of course, there were two lovely girls who were hopelessly late. The bill was also huge.***I hate … Continue reading


I'm zo bored. I wanna go home but I can't because there's this get-together thing this Saturday and they'll hate me forever if I bail out. It's not that I don't wanna go, it's just that I'm too tamad to go. I feel like I'm this fat, lazy cat that does nothing all day except chew on a yarn ball or … Continue reading